Sunday, November 10, 2013

Are Cops too lazy or corrupt to do honest Murder Investigations?

My friend, Todd Tucker, died at his business location, Tucker Transportation, at age 49, of an alleged heart attack, around a year ago in Winchester, New Hampshire. Todd's wallet was missing and has yet to be found. It had his license, credit cards, and cash in it. That alone is suspicious and his death should not be ruled "of natural causes" in my opinion.

Todd was found with injuries to the front AND the back of his head. His shirt was pulled up to nearly his neck and he was found upside down and purple in his business bathroom. That to me looks more like a struggle or fight then someone who fell while having a heart attack.

Todd allegedly had just found out that a nearby "townie", also with a business, had charged 1000's of dollars of auto parts and/or hardware at the local hardware store on Todd's account without Todd's permission. That is a number of crimes, I assume felonies wrapped up in each count of theft. As far as I know there has been no investigation into the the thefts or Todd's lost wallet. As far as I know, there had been no investigation on who possibly murdered Todd Tucker.

Doesn't this sound like it should be a murder investigation? Are Winchester, New Hampshire, and too many cops in police departments, nationwide, too arrogant, corrupt, and lazy to even do a murder investigation?

When I worked 2nd shift at Plum Pak, a factory, police would wait in the middle of town for any excuse to pull over those leaving work, going home. I was pulled over just after midnight in Winchester, New Hampshire, when I worked at the factory for just a week. I was doing 34 in a 30 and the way I was treated was if I may have murdered someone. I got pulled over just day later for having a headlight out. The same cop wanted to write me a ticket saying that it was probably like that a while, I asked the police officer, "if it was out last night, would you have pulled me over?" So, I got it fixed the next day with a used bulb from one of Todd Tucker's soon to be junked Dodge, that Todd took out, and put in for me.


In Springfield, Massachusetts, a "solved murder" was investigated for another 3 months, so officers could sit home, drink, or do whatever and get overtime for an investigation that already should have been listed as over. A bartender who works, or worked, at the cop bar, called "The Ale House" told me the story.

In the early 1980's I worked the night shift at a 24 hour convenience store. Springfield Police Officers would collect "protection" in uniform getting oral sex from prostitutes in the dairy cooler sitting on 3 empty stacked dairy crates asking me to act as their look out. White officers would put minorities in protective custody and under arrest and would borrow the dumpster gate keys and flesh with blood hanging from it would be on the brick wall near the dumpster when they were done.

Cops would come in bragging about getting college and other young girls to have sex, or perform oral sex on them in the back of a cruiser on what officers called "Date Night". Attractive girls and women could be threatened with arrest for driving drunk or in the possession of drugs. They would leave the woods' side back door open to not lock themselves in as they committed rape and/or sexual assault. Cops would often brandish their throw away pistols and bags of drugs to plant on citizens, left in the glove compartments of cruisers. Some cops would complain that officers on other shifts would steal their throw away pistols and drugs for planting as evidence.

The Police Union for the Springfield, Massachusetts, had to stop doing drug tests on officers for residual alcohol, cocaine, and heroin, as a very large percentage of officers tested positive with only the first batch of 30 being tested. Police had refused to write speeding and parking tickets while they had a dispute with management to financially starve them to the negotiating table.


Why do I talk about Springfield, Massachusetts, and Winchester, New Hampshire police in the same post? Well with both departments, Civilian Oversight of Police would have helped prevent this abuse of taxpayers and threat to public safety at the hands of police. Police should not police themselves. I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police in the State of Connecticut and [this happened to me].

I intended for this post to purely about Todd, nothing to do with me, or my unresolved case of police acting as terrorists, rapists, drug dealers, thugs, and organized crime and armed revenue collectors, not law enforcement. Bottom line, I would like a real investigation be done into what happened to Todd and bring those who may have murdered and ripped off Todd to justice.

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This is why I, Steven G. Erickson, think that cops can be too lazy or arrogant to do an honest investigation:

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