Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Police Union illegally using GPS for Arrests

Being taxed by the mile would mean that GPS would be places on all of our cars. Police already abuse those whom they have illegally placed GPS devices on their cars. We the people need to pay attention to this issue no matter where we live. [source of video]

Massachusetts Officer Winfield was eventually prosecuted for having raped a 3 year old with a hot curling iron. Prosecutor Martha Coakley did not want to prosecute Winfield because he was high ranking in the Police Union and Coakley wanted Police Union help getting elected to an office. Lawyers who belong to the BAR also are influenced by the Police Union and cases are mostly decided before being held and some cases don't even end up in arrests if the Police Union is involved. The Police Union is international so there is international criminal influence for all police. [Coakley/Winfield story]

The FBI, State Police, CIA, DEA, NSA, court personnel, and organized crime might all be on the same team. [The Whitey Bulger story]

Steven G. Erickson and Ritt Goldstein [liveleak video], who did know each other at the time, each around the same time proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to Connecticut elected officials. The Police Union in each case put these individuals on the enemies list. Union Rep Stephen Spellman told State Senators Tony Guglielmo and John A. Kissel, Rep. Mordasky, and other elected officials that they were not allowed to bring such legislation to a vote. Ritt fled to Sweden seeking political asylum and [Erickson] was railroaded to prison for a year for being attacked by a police informant on his own property.

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

Connecticut State Police "100 Club" to celebrate false arrests, filing false reports, perjury, and abusing the public with their taxpayer paid golf outing for officer who have made 100 or more arrests for DUI or OUI. [Story]


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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Why should only White Connecticut Police and Officials get away with rape & crimes?

The above picture and below article was originally found on [the Hartford Courant site].

Ex-DMV Deputy Commissioner Charged With Sexually Assaulting Minor, Held On $750,000 Bond

A state deputy motor vehicles commissioner, who resigned suddenly from his $115,000-a-year position on Sept. 9 for "personal reasons," was arrested Tuesday on charges of sexual assault involving a victim under age 16, Waterbury police said.

Victor M. Diaz, 36, was held on $750,000 bond after being presented in Waterbury Superior Court Tuesday afternoon, and is due to return to court on Oct. 7.

He was charged with: one count of 1st-degree sexual assault, four counts of 4th degree sexual assault, one count of attempted 1st-degree sexual assault; one count of 2nd-degree unlawful restraint; two counts of 2nd-degree sexual assault; one count of attempted 2nd-degree sexual assault; two counts of risk of injury to a minor; and one count of employing a minor in an obscene performance.

Waterbury police said that the arrest warrant was sealed and details of the allegations were unavailable.


@bungeecord Malloy personally anointed him as the second in command of one of the most powerful agencies in the state and now Malloy is running and hiding from it after he heralded this guy as the second coming of Christ for the DMV. can't wait to leave CT at 11:17 PM September 24, 2014

"These allegations are extremely disturbing," DMV Commissioner Melody Currey said in a statement. "If proven to be true, this is intolerable conduct. I accepted his resignation two weeks ago and this now remains a personal matter for Mr. Diaz."

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy issued a statement of his own later, saying: "These allegations are reprehensible. As an advocate against sexual assault and someone whose wife spent years working to help survivors and victims of sexual assault, combating an issue like this is very important to our family. Conduct like the alleged should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law."

Diaz, a Waterbury Democrat, was active in the 2010 Connecticut gubernatorial campaign.

Currey named him as DMV deputy commissioner effective Feb. 1, 2011. Malloy said at the time that Diaz would "help make the DMV a more consumer-oriented agency, finding ways to increase efficiency and quality, while using the Internet to change the way in which people traditionally interact with the department."

Diaz had served as deputy city clerk in Waterbury from 2005 until he was appointed to the DMV post. He also was listed as a delegate to the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C.

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Karma catches up with Corruptikut's former Governor John G. Rowland


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Monday, August 18, 2014

Does the US Constitution actually apply?

I sent the below text out in 3 certified letters. I walked to the Putney, Vermont, Post Office, and sent the below out:

August 18, 2014

To Governor Dannel P. Malloy, legislators or whom, or which, elected official or to whom the below might concern:

Is it okay with you if police in Connecticut tell citizens they are kicked out of Connecticut, not allowed to own a home, have a family, date, not allowed to have a significant other if a police officer wants your mate, not allowed to vote, speak at public meetings, not allowed to redress grievances with elected officials, not allowed to have a job or be self-employed, not allowed to make over a certain amount of money, not allowed to have a driver’s license if you are a target of police on their enemies list, and any citizen is subject to beatings, being falsely arrested to end up in prison, or even being murdered? Should police and the rigged court system in the State of Connecticut get unlimited tax dollars to carry out the abuse described above? Should victims of the above be considered for compensation and having their bogus criminal records remedied? I am posting this letter to you on the internet. If any of the above is of concern to you, please contact me and ask me some questions.

Police told me that I was on their list and could only be arrested and that they were not allowed to protect and serve. I was told I was kicked out of Connecticut, was the current occupant of my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, home. Police offered an informant $10,000 to set me up for a DUI, police beating, and 5 to 15 years in prison because police didn’t want me to have a driver’s license. I broke no laws and told that I would have hell to pay for interrupting “The Revenue Collection System of Police, Lawyers, and the Courts,” according to Officer “Fat Frank” Prochaska. Resident State Trooper Mulcahey told me that I was kicked out of Connecticut along with Prochaska and other officers. I was told if I did not leave, but my wife could stay, I would be beaten, jailed for life, or murdered. I broke no laws.

Should police be able to break laws, pay informants to break laws, and spy on and abuse citizens at will. Should police remove self-employed and small business owners from Connecticut who are not affiliated with some sort of organized crime? Should police have thieves break into homes to steal guns and items that police want for themselves? Should police run gangs and use tax dollars to crime farm?

I had my life threatened by police informants for weeks, police refused to protect and serve. Police would watch as vandals smashed my windows and wrecked my property. Police acted as look outs for thieves and refused to arrest criminals they watched commit crimes. I was then arrested for resisting being beaten on my own property by a police informant wielding a knife, when I used pepper spray. 4 armed, and in uniform, officers committed perjury to say I never asked to make a complaint against my assailant. I lost my marriage, family, contracting business, home, everything. I was sentenced to a year in prison by Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan who told me that I was guilty and going to prison before the “trial” started. I was then told I was kicked out of Connecticut upon my release from prison.

Pre-9/11 police were listening to my phone calls and trolling my internet use. Police were most upset that I had an attractive wife and was not an officer or someone important. They now capture all pictures and content on computers and cell phones. Should police be able to target sexual conquests this way? Should police be able to tell citizens that they work for police, not the other way around? Should the US Constitution not apply in Connecticut? Should police and the courts get unlimited tax dollars and also run scams to collect as much revenue and seize as much property as assets as they can get away with? Do you have any questions for me about the above? Is the above okay with you?

Steven G. Erickson, PO Box Eight Seventy-Four, Brattleboro, VT 05302 Phone Eight Zero Two 490 3559

stevengerickson at yahoo dot com

The above was mailed to elected officials in the State of Connecticut

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Saturday, August 30, 2014

No Separate Branches of Government?

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Steven G. Erickson joins the "Gee-I-Had" movement. [Post]

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Monday, June 23, 2014

Elected officials are spied on too

There seems to be no difference between Lindsey Graham, John Kerry, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, etc. They all seem to want to implode America, erase borders, support all out wars, and spend ridiculous amounts to increase the tyranny of the police state. All of their phone calls, internet use, and conversations are monitored too.

Private Investigators, such as in the State of Connecticut, have to open their files to the State Police at any time. State Police control the licensing of Private Investigators in states like Connecticut. Police then can prevent investigations into themselves, corrupt elected officials, corporate organized crime, international bankers, Wall St., and traditional Mafia. Investigators can be threatened with financial ruin, being beaten up, murdered, and imprisoned. The Connecticut FBI are even bigger bags of walking excrement than are State Troopers.

Look into public corruption and police and/or FBI, have and will continue to threaten you with a trip to Gitmo with the key being thrown away.

All out spying is tyranny. Police told me I was not allowed to vote, exercise free speech, be married, own a home, have a contracting business, date after police wrecked my marriage, have my daughter in my life, and was told I was kicked out of Connecticut.

[My personal experience showing domestic spying is abuse and how elected officials are not on our side]

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[The Title Wave of Illegal Aliens coming into the US, video]

Thursday, May 29, 2014

What Representative Government in the US?

Elected officials seem to be interested in enriching themselves and serving lawyer, international banker, and corporate organized crime interests, not ours.

I went to career politicians in Stafford Springs and Enfield, Connecticut. Republican State Senators John A. Kissel and Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo knew that I was asking to remove Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan for bias against the self-employed and that police were threatening my life and telling me I was kicked out of Connecticut for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police.

I intend on asking at least two legislative committees in Connecticut if it is okay for police to tell a citizen that he, or she, is kicked out of a state, can be murdered or beaten by police for voting, for free speech, for being married, having children, being self-employed, or for not breaking laws for police

Police can threaten a citizen with prison and then it happens.

Police can decide if you are allowed the privilege to drive. Police can use tax dollars to pay informants to beat or kill you. Police can use informants to manufacture excuses and evidence for arrests and prison sentences.

Police are into domestic spying for their racketeering, obstructing justice, prostitution, drug dealing, retaliating against citizens, for getting laid, for personal reasons, and for politics.

I would like to ask elected officials if they have any questions for me.

If I suddenly disappear, maybe I have been murdered by the Connecticut State Police.

stevengerickson AT

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Saturday, May 17, 2014

"US Constitution Zones" in Foreign Countries to Protest Corporate Stealth Occupation?

It is no longer a secret that international bankers and corporate pirates have us under stealth armed occupation.

Foreign countries whose politicians aren't co-opted by international organized crime could offer Americans "US Constitution Zones" where the US Constitution actually applies. The US Constitution does not seem to apply any longer in the US. Maybe it never did. Having US Constitution Zones outside the US would be the ultimate protest right in the faces of "representatives" who have sold us out to the corporate banking stealth occupation.

It is possible to make money offering travel arrangements outside the US, where travel is either "spying free" or "electronics free" to have a little break from the Corporate Big Brother in the US, in the UK, and all over too much of the world. Whether or not you are religious, like minded people could meet at religious institutions, hold non-religious services, electronics-free, support the maintenance of the building, and talk about taking back our towns, and America, from the corporate/banking scourge.

How many Americans would denounce their citizenship if they could have Free Speech, the 2nd Amendment, and other rights in Mexico?

How many Americans would love to move to Iceland to protest the abuse of the Big Banks?

The Big Banks are building up the police and UN run US Military to make the US a war zone. Defense Contractors are the major owners of mainstream media. Defense Contractors will make more money if the US is turned into a war zone and the largest open air prison in the world.

If anyone out there knows of opportunities for living outside the US, so I can be "Free" and "American" at the same time in Thailand, South America, Iceland, or somewhere else in the world, I would like to hear from you. If you are a tour operator, investor, free thinker, and would like to discuss business opportunities to promote to US Ex-Pats, I would like to hear from you.

stevengerickson AT yahoo dot com

Steven G. Erickson PO Box Eight Seven Zero Brattleboro VT 05302 USA

P.S. Police in the State of Connecticut threatened me with being beaten up, murdered, never seeing my daughter again, being imprisoned for the rest of my life pre-9/11 for voting, for Free Speech, for talking to elected officials, for exposing police bad behavior and the rigging of courts to newspaper reporters, for being self-employed, for being married to an attractive woman without knowing, and having the permission of, the right police or organized crime figures. The biggest, high crime against corporations that I was deemed guilty of, was being self-employed. I was thumbing my nose right in the face of the Corporate US Police State and almost paid the ultimate price. [My Beef]


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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Judges and Lawyers are the reason for the downfall of America

Read in between the lines [here].

The State of Connecticut had a Supreme Court Justice, "Taco" Sullivan who picked his successor. Taco saw to it there were two separate legal systems. If you had connections you could have sealed records and secret hearings.

What kind of justice is there if there are two separate and unequal "systems" of justice?

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Will America become too Corporate/Banker Tyrannical to live in?

Fellow activists plan to meet in the State of Connecticut either at a meeting at the Judicial Branch, or in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee at the Legislative Office Building, the LOB, in Hartford, Connecticut. I was asked to come film and to attend.

I planned on doing a video about their acts of futility. I am guilty of similar acts.

You can't ask those who profit from abuse to police themselves or to stop doing what they are doing. You have to make them stop. If you can't beat them in traditional ways, you have to think outside the box, or figure out a way to protest to eventually get results while hopefully literally putting your skin at risk.

Lawyers are legislators in a very high percentage. Lawyers profit from divorce, kids being officially abducted, strife, mayhem, racism, disunion, and across the board abuse. So, why would lawyers want to fix a system that rewards their bad behavior in immunity from prosecution, huge paydays, extra sports cars, vacation houses, and an unlimited retirement?

You bleed and suffer to benefit lawyers, their friends, and the international corporate banker stealth occupation of America and most of the world.

Ritt Goldstein is my go to guy to explain the abuse. He exposed the growing police state and rigged court system to State of Connecticut legislators and a special legislative hearing. He fled to Sweden seeking political asylum after making [this video].

In just one county in the State of Connecticut, a "quiet county", Windham County, there is a telephone book size pack of papers of complaints that have not been investigated about police murdering citizens, Connecticut State Troopers raping women, assaulting citizens, ripping people off, hiring police informants to beat and murder citizens, manufacturing evidence, lying, committing perjury, intimidating witness, sexually assaulting and abducting children, committing gross acts of brutality, torture, extreme misconduct, stalking citizens, racketeering, obstruction of justice, rigging elections, arresting citizens who display political signs not in line with the police officers' international union, and acts of absolute treason etc. NOT ONE OF THE CITIZEN ACCUSATIONS THE SIZE OF A TELEPHONE BOOK WAS INVESTIGATED IN A "QUIET COUNTY"!

If Ritt had to flee to Sweden just informing elected officials of the reality back in 1996, which is much more abusive today, what do you think will happen to you for doing the same thing? Isn't doing the same thing, and then getting the same result, AND BEING SURPRISED ABOUT GETTING THE SAME RESULTS, one of the definitions of insanity?

Should acting in the pursuit of justice and your rights be considered insanity, or at least futile?

Welcome to the new international corporate run America. Do not commit capitol crimes against corporations or you will be toasted.

stevengerickson AT

[Steven G. Erickson's video channel

My most recent post about the abuse, with links:


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Thank Barack Obama for your Small Business or for Anything that you Have?

I recall a US President Barack Obama Speech where he says that if you have a small business, or a job, you should thank the government. He said that you have what you have because of government not because of your effort, intelligence, and drive. You should thank government for all that you have. WTF???!!!

I believe Obama's mother was a lying whore operative for the CIA and international criminal bankers. I believe her lying lawyer whore son is doing the same thing. Obama appointed criminals to regulate criminals in the same industries. How is that working out for us? No enemy could invade us and do what the puppet piece of shit has done to OUR COUNTRY!

I say Impeach, Arrest, Prosecute, Jail, Execute for Treason, Repeat.

Government did NOT help me build my small business, a contracting business where I then bought rental properties and then fixed them up from a boarded up condition. They did not help my family. Police refused to protect and serve, and to answer 911 calls into them. The occupation government broke up my marriage, estranged me from my daughter, took everything away, sent criminal police informants to beat, terrorize, and stalk me and then I was railroaded to prison for being "mouthy" about the abuse. [Story, documents, and video]

Obama can go fuck himself. He is the face of international corporate organized crime and bankers, the cartel that has us all under armed stealth occupation. [Url for below video on]. You can make my email from: stevengerickson At yahoo dot com

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Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Monsanto GMO Mass Extinction?

Monsanto was a main company who made Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Millions of Vietnamese were killed, made sick, and genetically altered. So many American Veterans were also. The living will be genetically altered forever.

Monsanto is also the Worlds' "Seed Nazi".

Anything that is altered by Monsanto is the property of Monsanto. So goes the corporate corrupted court system.

Organic farmers who have their crops infected by Monsanto's GMO crops are accused of theft and patent infringement even if the Monsanto poison is blown on by the wind. Monsanto crops have pesticides already in the crops. So, the "food" is poisonous, causes cancer, and causes genetic mutations. If the GMO food alters the bacteria in our digestive systems, and that bacteria regulates us, we are all altered by Monsanto.

Where are the pollinating bees?

Why are massive flocks of birds falling out of the sky all at once in huge numbers littering the ground?

Is this the same corporate experiment we are all subject to?

Global warming might just be propaganda science, but the poisoning of our environment which is due to corporations, not populations, is fact. The FDA wanted, or wants, the poison artificial sweetener, Aspartame, listed as what milk is, so it does not have to be listed as an ingredient in milk. If Aspartame reaches 86 degrees Fahrenheit it is allegedly the same as Formaldehyde. Do you want to use corpse preservative for a sweetener and not know because it is not listed as an ingredient on your "food" label. Monsanto does not want their GMO poisons labeled when it is added to your food.

Rats are tested using GMO "food". Monsanto determined 3 months is enough testing on rats to deem GMO safe for all of humanity. Rats began to have tumors the size of rats, get cancer, leukemia, other diseases, become infertile, and die at 4 months.

Given the regulations that Monsanto wrote, and our elected officials signed, unread, we are all technically owned by Monsanto. States do not want to challenge international corporate organized crime in court. Police and judicial workers belong to an international union. The shots are called outside the US and billions are funding our stealth occupation and our own abuse.

We pay to be F'd. States will go bankrupt if the stand up to the occupiers. The media is taken over, the government is a puppet, the police work for the other side, the courts are a rubber stamp on the abuse, and the spy agencies spy on us to protect the corporate occupation, not us.

Citizens have a right to bear arms and get representation for their taxation. Inmates get what they get. America is being run look one big open air corporate prison.

International organized crime has taken us over. We pay taxes so at $100/day we are putting Amish, small business owners, and the self-employed in prison because they are competition to the corporations and resist being spied on, abused, and assimilated by the corporate occupation.  Why should having a cow, pig, chickens, or growing a garden be a crime? Why should paying cash at a Garage Sale to a neighbor be a crime just because a bank or corporation is not involved in the transaction? Why should having raw milk, making yogurt, ice cream, or cheese be considered an act of domestic terrorism if it is a family or community thing? Why should corporations call for the abolishment of religions and community gatherings if they aren't sanctioned by the corporate establishment?

There is nothing wrong with regulated, law abiding, tax paying, and community servicing corporations of a limited size if many, or any, can be found.

Life on Earth could just be terminated accidentally, or on purpose, because of Monsanto or another Satan Corporation having all power and no oversight.

Do we have rights as individuals or are we merely serfs of the corporate war machine? 

[This is the world I live in ... with video]