Friday, April 12, 2013

Protection from Police State, "Tyranny Ap" for Smart Phone?

A network is being set up where if police are about to beat you up, rape, rob you, or unjustly kidnap your kids so the state can sell them to the highest bidder, a "Tyranny Ap", might be for you. Video can stream to a separate server can take your video and audio as things go down. Your GPS location can be given to others who want to help. Why not use the NSA/CIA domestic spying type tools against the tyrants?

Police meet at roll call. They are looking to ruin small business and self-employed people who are not Mafia, Government, police, or lawyer affiliated. Police have a sales type meeting everyday. They are not looking to solve crimes or to protect and serve the public. They use criminals to help them to confiscate property, levy fines, and to put people into the system who can pay for lawyers and have something the system wants to take. Police use Facebook to troll for underage girls to use for their sex trade.

International corporate organized crime and bankers write the laws to take more and more from you. Monsanto can poison you with GMO food. You are being poisoned by Big Pharma. The prison corporation wants to house you even if you have never committed any real crimes and are no threat to society.

The embedded video shows you how the elite twist English to create their own legal language to enslave you.

I saved all my life, built a contracting business, was married, raising a daughter, bought a home, and was working towards retirement. Police in Stafford Springs Connecticut were using prostitutes, drug dealers, vandals, and other criminal parasites to help them shake down taxpayers with families, homes, and businesses if they are not Mob affiliated. So working hard two decades to buy a home and getting married and having a family made me a target of police. I was thrown into my house and assaulted by a fat, mentally challenged police officer who lived with his mother. He was angry that I had a pretty wife and he had no one. He then arrested me and told me I was kicked out of Connecticut and that my wife could stay. My wife had no interest in "Dufie"

Connecticut State Police then put me on their [secret enemies, arrest on sight list] for complaining about officer "Fat Frank". I then had police informants threatening my life, stalking me, and were encouraged by police to attack me at each of my rental property locations. When one caught me in my dark driveway, and attacked me with a knife, I pepper sprayed him. I got a year in prison for the "offense" and lost everything. My daughter and most of my family have had nothing to do with me since prison.

What American Dream? It is a nightmare. You live in the same Police State with rigged courts. Don't have kids, don't buy a home, and don't support criminal bankers and international corporate organized crime. I tell Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy [here].

If Connecticut State Police are willing to lie everyday, file false reports, commit perjury, and act like an armed street gang to rip people off to make money for themselves and the criminal state, they will lie about the Newtown Sandyhook Connecticut Schoolyard shooting and might have even been involved in the shooting of kids.

Text with video:

Published on Apr 12, 2013
Eddie is an Air Force veteran that began realizing that the government was lying to the people at virtually every turn. He earnestly begin his research into government rules and statutes in the mid 90's after he witnessed his mother breakdown into tears of hopeless frustration over a property tax bill that threatened to take away her property and home.

Angry at the malicious and callous demeanor of those that supposedly worked for the greater good of the People Eddie began to carefully research and document the relationships between the various statutes and the legislative enactments that created them, especially the "ad valorem" property tax, and eventually the federal income tax. He has since spent the past eleven years researching the various Texas Codes such as the Transportation Code. Much to the dismay of many municipalities, police officers, and prosecutors he has thrown a very large monkey wrench into the gears of their money machine, using their own laws! With Randy Kelton's passed down knowledge about due process and criminal actions Eddie's research has become even more dangerous to them.

Vigorous study and research revealed the truth, most government employees know even less about the language and application of the law than the general public! Angered by the cavalier attitudes of public servants acting as if their ignorance was of no consequence, Eddie sought out other like minded people to exchange ideas and find a remedy, which led him to Rule of Law Radio.

Eddie has now dedicated himself to "fighting the good fight" against the total willful ignorance that consumes our public servants at every level of government, an ignorance in which too many people share by way of an apathetic attitude about our rights and liberties. The biggest problem with being apathetic is that it is a word comprised mostly of the word "pathetic".

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