Sunday, October 17, 2010

US Corporate War on the Individual

Most people haven’t realized we are in an us against them war. I’m old enough to remember the family farmers driving their tractors and farm equipment blocking traffic and roads in Washington DC. The corporations used covert dirty tricks to bankrupt and put most family farmers out of business. Corporations buy influence with politicians and are government is hijacked because we the people let it happen.

Small business and individualism has been under attack for a very long time. The precursor to the CIA, NSA, FBI corporate spy goon klan probably started with the Pinkerton Detective agency while Abraham Lincoln was paying protection not to be assassinated while running for US President. What happens to freedom and business competition when corporate spy goons operate domestically and internationally?

Minority businesses have always been under attack by America’s elite secret corporate goon society. In downtown areas, commercial and rental property owners who had no organized crime affiliation, small business competition for organized crime, and other business all came under attack. We have a corporate banking monster which will devour what is left of the US economy and the little remaining liberty if we let it happen.

We are serfs to the corporations. It is time to rise up and break the chains that bind us. The corporate puppeteers pull the puppet strings in courts, with police, and with elected officials. Let’s get

When will Americans wake up AND do something in numbers?

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