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TV Lies, TV Lies & More TV Lies

Has CIA made fake tapes of Osama bin Laden?

TV Lies, TV Lies & More TV Lies - Sunday Update

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corbettreport May 30, 2010Sunday Update is brought to you by The Corbett Report.

Jeff Stein confirms CIA faked Bin Laden video

Road to Guantanamo contains Bin Laden footage

The same Bin Laden footage was then touted as new Al Qaeda footage several months later

Analysis of 2004/2007 videos show same lighting, same desk, same background and same camera angle...only the clothes and beard have been morphed.

Neil Krawetz approves a story for Wired based on his research showing that Intelcenter and As-Sahab watermarks were added to videos at the same time (and then "retracts" the story the next day)

Intelcenter links directly to Rumsfeld pentagon and psyops

CSI says questioning fluoridated water and chemtrails is "anti-American"

Fluoride and the thyroid

Fluoride and bone cancer

Fluoride and IQ

Second thoughts on fluoride

Acute Fluoride Poisoning from a Public Water System

Dr. William Hirzy testifies about fluoride before senate

"Conspiracy Theories" by Cass Sunstein

NBC's "Behavior Placement" Strategy

ABC News vs Marc Morano
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Bilderberg 2010 (1/5)

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corbettreport May 29, 2010Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we take another peek behind the closed doors of the secretive Bilderberg group. We uncover the Bilderberg 2010 agenda with Daniel Estulin, organize counter-conference protests with Charlie Skelton of the UK's Guardian newspaper and confront David Rockefeller with the Sovereign Independent.

Audio mp3 and documentation:

Bilderberg 2010 (2/5)

Bilderberg 2010 (3/5)

Bilderberg 2010 (4/5)

Bilderberg 2010 (5/5)

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Great Sibel Edmonds comments on Corbett Report videos [here]

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Israeli Bad Behavior?

When do good intentions go bad? Protecting one's national interests is considered good. When there are no real checks and balances, and anything goes, there is no stop to the downward spiral until there is an intervention.

'The Metastasizing Cancer Cell'


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