Sunday, May 16, 2010

America’s unknown Coup d'état

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I recall, pre-9-11, police officers talking about preparing for an upcoming event where they’d have bigger responsibilities and needed to route out politically active “Big Mouths” and identify leaders. Anyone with legal firearms, also needed to be identified, and then dealt with. Lieutenant Trapp of the Stafford Springs, Connecticut, Police Department showed me memos circulated amongst police in the 1990’s. There was a covert program to falsely arrest targeted individuals to take away their guns, confiscate their property, and dismantle their lives by making them lose their jobs and break up their families. So, was 9-11, the corporate banksters' Coup d'état, take over of America, installing a puppet government?

I thought to myself then, what possibly could be the purpose, dismissing petty police secret programs. Evidence, now unfolds.

If I hadn’t thought of the talk and what he had for reading materials, utter ridiculous nonsense, I would have made much different choices, and wouldn’t be here in America writing this to you. Asking questions in Germany before the outbreak of World War II could be dangerous to your health. Slowly heating up frogs, acclimates them to the temperature rise, ensuring death, not a gut reaction to save its life.

I recommend looking at the case of Sibel Edmonds [videos].

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