Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Do any officials, prosecutors, police, or judges feel they have to follow any rules or laws?

Building inspectors are often the dogs sent out to help retaliate against mouthy citizens that are white and to rid areas of minorities in Connecticut's "White Only" sections.


Madison Officials Arrested

4:32 PM EST, February 14, 2007
By DAVID FUNKHOUSER, The Hartford Courant
MADISON -- The town's former building inspector and the wetlands enforcement officer turned themselves in to police Wednesday to face charges in connection with allegedly illegal inspections conducted last year.

Alfred Astorino, 70, of Northford faces three counts of violating the state building code and criminal liability for the acts of another. Police allege Astorino recruited the inland wetlands officer, Robert Kuchta, to help him perform inspections, even though Kuchta is not licensed to conduct inspections.

Kuchta, 53, of 100 Ridgewood Ave., Madison, faces three counts of violating the state building code for performing inspections without being properly licensed. All of the charges are misdemeanors.

Both men were suspended with pay in September after selectmen learned Astorino had been using Kuchta to handle some of the thousands of inspections performed by the building department each year.

Astorino retired in November after working for the town for 16 years. Kuchta received a two-week unpaid suspension and then returned to work in November. He is still on the job.

Astorino has defended the practice of using Kuchta, saying that although Kuchta was uncertified, he had the necessary knowledge to do the kinds of inspections Astorino asked him to perform.

Both men were released Wednesday on written promises to appear in Superior Court in New Haven on Feb. 27.

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as of march 6, 2008, docket no. cr 07-65122 all charges were dismissed of criminal prosecution.on robert kuchta and alfred astorino.