Friday, May 29, 2020

Police Union Liaison to Legislators Decides for You. “You own nothing, and have no rights”

I was married, a daughter who adored me, owned a house and other property, skied, golfed, took European vacations, ate out often, drove new higher end vehicles, owned a contracting company, and toyed with the idea of running as a Republican for Selectman of Stafford Springs, Connecticut.

Not not long after the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing, I decided to think about becoming a part time police officer and co-founded the Stafford Springs Crime Watch. There was an uptick in vandalism, young teen prostitution, drug dealing, youth gangs beating citizens with bats aka “The Diaper Gang,” more houses were being broken into, and generally more crime.

What I didn’t know was that the international police union and the UN UNESCO had an agenda. It is to dismantle the US Constitution. The international police union wanted to increase the numbers of police fourfold to get more dues and have more international power. Towns, cities, and states were beyond their saturation points and citizens willingness to put up with paying even more police who were becoming increasingly arrogant, abusive, and entitled.

I talked with State Senator Tony Guglielmo, a Republican who had pictures of him with the Bush Family and was a sidekick for CIA man Rob Simmons who would be in charge of telling me what to do, where I could run ... and I guess what money to funnel where to be a “Team Player”.

I also was talking to State Rep Mordasky and his daughter Rosemarie who told me that police liaison Steve Spellman had decided to put me on a list to break up my marriage, permanently estrange me from my daughter, make me lose my driver’s license, pistol permit, contracting business, and be beaten within inches of my life, actually murdered, or put in prison for the rest of my life.

My crime? I was challenging “police authority” by talking to politicians and was a “Big Mouth” writing letters to the editor exposing clandestine operations directed by the UN UNESCO and the international police union to dismantle the US Constitution. The framework of US Homeland Security yet didn’t exist in name.

Domestic spying and targeting of farmers, ranchers, self-employed, gun owners, conservatives, militia types, Big Mouths like me, independent media, and especially those who were potential leaders of uprisings after the US Constitution was suspended.

The Clintons were on a witch hunt in 1995. They were down in the polls, and facing possible prosecution before the Oklahoma City Federal Building Bombing. The Clintons then could use unlimited federal tax dollars to go after their perceived enemies.

The idea of the inception of Homeland Security was for forced inoculations and door to door confiscations to occur nationwide in the US. The UN, Democrats, and RINOs are all behind schedule. Without a US Constitution what is exceptional about US other than it will become a 3rd World sewer?  

I perfectly fit the description of a Clinton enemy and Stafford Springs, Connecticut, was a test city for cellphone tracking, 100% surveillance, and for individual police officers and police union operatives to play God in citizens’ lives.

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