Monday, December 14, 2015

Text sent to Connecticut Law Firm about Expunging my Criminal Record:

Steven G. Erickson's letter to Connecticut Attorney General George Gepsen:

Steven G. Erickson’s account of false arrest and imprisonment and request for having his 2002 Convictions for Assault 3rd and Breach of Peace expunged.

I owned a home with my wife Rasa in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, on Brown Ave Ext. We were successful bidders at a HUD action in 1994. A teen gang hung out smoking cigarettes, smoking pot, drinking, and selling drugs, they were known as the “Diaper Gang” because of their youth. Co-founding the Stafford Springs Crime Watch, being self-employed, a concealed handgun permit holder, and complaining about police officer “Fat Frank” Prochaska led to my being harassed by police, false arrests and prison.

I had never voted before, complained about police, the courts, or gone to politicians about issues before 1994. I later found out because of the Oklahoma City Bombing and then the resulting laws and/or federal funding to go after Domestic Terrorists or Militia in states, police had new broad powers to disarm, slander, discredit, beat up, murder, set up for arrests, ruin financially, break up families, railroad to prison police targets on the Secret Police Enemies List. There were no real militia in Connecticut so police were after the self-employed, concealed permit holders, and the outspoken. Police were encouraged to recruit members of their own criminal gangs and to use them as operatives and informants for revenue collection and eradicating targets.

Fat Frank Prochaska was then listening to phone calls and looking at all my online activity from about 1995 as he would be blocking me from going to work in the morning to ridicule me or tell me what I was allowed to do based on his spying on me and my wife. I made macaroni and cheese for my wife for dinner one night. Fat Frank Prochaska somehow knew, and then assaulted me outside my house in the morning screaming at me on how fattening butter is and that I was trying to make my wife fat. Neighbors saw Fat Frank bouncing me off my aluminum siding, and he said I was “resisting”. I said, “Resisting what?” as I wanted him to explain to my neighbors and he left the scene.

Fat Frank Prochaska would shove me at Crime Watch meetings so he could stand next to my wife and told me privately if I spoke at a Crime Watch meeting he’d arrest me. Fat Frank told me I didn’t own anything, had no rights, and that if I didn’t shut up and leave Connecticut I would be severely beaten, murdered, or spend the rest of my life in prison as police now had special powers. Fat Frank said that my wife was to stay. Fat Frank said if I complained to anyone I would be permanently estranged from my only daughter. As far as I knew my wife never encouraged Fat Frank and had no interest in him romantically or even for a friend.

Prochaska told me he is taller than me, has more money, is smarter, and since he is Polish and my wife, a model, was Lithuanian, that he was the proper choice as I didn’t know the right people to have such a hot wife, to own a house, and to run a contracting business.

In 1995 or 1996 a huge, hulking drug dealer, an alleged operative for the police, punched me in the face repeatedly and bit into my ear to leave me bleeding for my telling him not to sell drugs near my home, daughter, and neighbors. I dialed 911. Peter Panciera fled the scene. I wanted my attacker found to be punished and to be blood tested as he had bit far into my ear and had feared contracting HIV/AIDS from his bite. Witnesses to the attack, Peter Panciera’s powdered cocaine customers told officers verbally and in written statements that they didn’t know who my attacker was. Fat Frank Prochaska then re-interviewed the witnesses and got the witnesses to remember the incident and to then remember Peter Panciera, saying I attacked Panciera, the incredible hulk. This was after I found out Peter Panciera’s identity and wanted Panciera arrested. I then faced a year and a half in prison, no deals. Prosecutor Beth Leming allowed me to get the case Nolled if I could get LT Trapp to agree to let me get the case Nolled by my agreeing not to hang out downtown or report any crimes to police for a year. I agreed.

I was told by police that they could be conducting an investigation or operation and that reporting crimes was felony interfering with police!

After I was arrested and faced a year and a half in prison for repeatedly using my face to pummel Panciera’s fists and using my ear to bloody his teeth, my wife quit sleeping with me, quit eating with me, slept in another room, didn’t talk to me, and we later divorced. She told me, I could lose my employment and our house, and that the police would keep coming after me until I went to prison, or worse, and she wanted no part of it.

I wrote then Governor John G. Rowland and then Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd. I was then followed around by Connecticut State Police, sometimes 2 to 4 officers would shadow me all day, everyday, for months at a time. I had also proposed Civilian Oversight of Police to State Senators Anthony Guglielmo and John A. Kissel. I had also reported prosecutor Keith Courier for threatening me with arrest and prison for evicting prostitute Lana Thompson who says she gave blow jobs to Keith Courier. I also was trying to have Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan removed for bias in small claims cases, the judge using his car to block defendants from exiting court, and for making faces at me and other antics and juvenile behavior reported by others who were abused by Kaplan in civil cases.

State Police told me that I was no their list and they could not take any complaints from me and that if someone that I did call in to have arrested, they would have to arrest me to. I was told to leave Connecticut, or else. International Police Union Liaison to Legislators Stephen Spellman allegedly told Senator Tony Guglielmo and former Rep Mordasky’s staffer that I was going to pay dearly, and taught a lesson for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. Ritt Goldstein had gotten international experts from around the world to appear in Connecticut at a Special Judicial Hearing, Dec. 1996, on the subject of Civilian Oversight of Police. Ritt was then attacked by a police informant on his property and was so terrorized by police he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum and not returned since.

Donny Christmas, an Enfield CT landlord, also proposed Civilian Oversight of Police. Donny was then attacked by a 14 year old prostitute girlfriend of an Enfield cop, and faced a year in a half in prison. He had wanted to evict the prostitute and her prostitute mother and sister. Donny told me that the 14 year old had written most of the penis sizes of Enfield Officers on her bedroom wall as a trophy.

After my divorce, I started seeing Barbara Satal casually. I would meet her downtown at bars, walking down. She had picked up on me. She then tried to get me to drive he SUV home from bar with the guise that I could then sleep with her 3 blocks away. A Hispanic Trooper warned me that White Officers were going to set me up for a DUI, drugs being planted on me, and that I was to be severely beaten by officers and then face all sorts for felonies and arrested for assaulting officers where I would get 5 to 15 years in prison. I refused to drive her SUV and State Police were waiting around the corner for me.

I later found out that Sattal was married at a later date I actually slept with her. She admitted to being offered $10,000 by officers to set me up. I then dumped her, and since she left her husband for me, I was told I was to be estranged from my daughter, lose my rental properties, and go to prison if I didn’t continue to date her. Connecticut State Police were enforcing a “no dating” policy on me and anyone I dated would be threatened and harassed by Connecticut State Police. A woman I was dating said she was pulled over just outside my house, the State Trooper found out she was not wearing underwear, started fingering her, and then yelled at her for having unprotected sex with me getting our discharge on his fingers. The woman told me that she was then pulled over in front of her Avon/Canton Connecticut house, fingered again by the officer and told she would lose her home, beauty parlor, and would be estranged from her then 18 year old daughter permanently if she continued to date me. I never saw her again.

An extremely attractive woman, younger than me, started picking up on me at an Ellington Connecticut cafĂ©, and we started dating. She would show me her breasts and perform oral sex on me every time we met. After the 3rd date she told me she needed to smoke crack cocaine and I could get the best sex ever and all I needed to do was give her money to get some. On the 4th date, I pushed it, told her to go down in my cellar, and I had perfectly good room upstairs, she performed oral sex on me on her knees, finished, again asked for money for crack cocaine for our next meeting, and I accused of her of trying to set me up with Connecticut State Police. She came clean admitted it, and asked how I knew. She then started crying and said she didn’t believe the things police had her do just to get out of her charges.

After that a woman I had drinks at a bar with who violated her probation by drinking was asked to falsely accuse me of raping her to not get violated on probation and to gain her 2 kids back. She refused and went to prison. A retired Enfield Dog Officer who has a retarded wife and 4 retarded adult children allowed his then 40 year old son to crap his pants and then flush the underwear down my Somersville property toilets. I faced 6 months in prison for causing a public health hazard as I could not clean up the constant messes fast enough. The officer blew out my well pump and I had to replace that as well. The officer sued me for his losses making the messes in small claims court and I lost. I also lost most of anything I had of value in the basement he flooded.

I got a $160,000 bill for the Connecticut Department of Revenue services for 1/4 for my painting business. I would have had to have grossed millions painting myself in just 3 months. The letter saying I had 30 days to pay or dispute was not sent to a valid address by a Somerville Postman knew who I was and saw me and hand delivered it. I had to pay town taxes in 2 or 3 locations for each Connecticut vehicle or my driver’s license and registrations would be cancelled. I can only garage in one town and the other addresses were made up by somebody on the inside.

Police allegedly started calling my father for information and to turn him against me.

I contacted Attorney Michael H. Agranoff about suing the Connecticut State Police for all the harassment of me. I didn’t know that Agranoff had a business partnership with Peter Coukos to try and get me out of my properties on 3 and 5 Church St., 7 total apartments. So, it was a conflict of interest for Agranoff to represent me if he had been paid by another client to do me harm. Coukos is a police informant who told me that he’d paid Stafford Selectman John Julien a $5000 bribe so police would run me out of the properties so he could get them cheap. Coukos did this while punching me in the back of the head telling me he wanted my then 14 year old daughter to get on her knees and give him a blow job. I had already been arrested for being attacked on my property and police were bragging that I was going to prison even before I was attacked. I had tried to have Coukos arrested for leaving death threats against my daughter on our voicemail and for stalking her and us.

Before I was arrested on my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, properties, I was staying at my 18 School St., Somersville, CT 2 family. A felon drug dealer police informant was parking his two unregistered Bronco II’s in my driveway blocking my parking and use of my vehicle in the garage and had erected a tent in my backyard. The Hispanic or African American Trooper warned me that if I was attacked by this felon, I would be arrested and go to prison. I had some close calls running from my work van to my backdoor to get to safety.

I then started staying back at my 1 Church St., Stafford Springs, CT, apartment. Druggie felon, drug dealer, alcoholic, and police informant Brian C. Caldwell, would bang on my door after midnight screaming he’d cut my penis off and kill me if he caught me outside, told my tenants he’d kill me, and stalked me for weeks. I wrote Bush 9-15-01 about being under siege and was informed he actually read my letter and I got a response. I was attacked on my property 10-11-01 and when I was the knife I peppersprayed Caldwell and myself. After I had washed the pepper spray out of my eyes, only I was arrested and I was displayed with a spotlight on me with two cruisers with their lights going as a police trophy. Troopers refused to listen to the threats on my voicemail or to interview witnesses to then commit perjury at my trial.

Michael H. Agranoff admitted throwing my trial because he owed Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan a favor for his not being disbarred for having inappropriate relations with an underage client and threw my case. I had asked Agranoff to ask Kaplan to recuse himself off my case because I was trying to have Kaplan removed for bad behavior and bias in civil cases. Prosecutor Keith Currier who had threatened me with arrest and prison before I had evicted his prostitute refused to give me AR and offered no deals, just maximum prison and fines, forcing the trial.

I had no previous record and Judge Kaplan sentenced me to a year in prison, 3 years probation, maximum fines, and I was subject to a mental evaluation to see if I needed to be confined there for having overreacted to being mugged on my own property having used pepperspray. The felon who was never arrested, admitted on the stand to threatening to cut my penis off if I didn’t hand over my wallet. Yes, it was that ridiculous.

I could write a book about the abuse received from guards in prison when they’d first ask, “How’s your feud with the Connecticut State Police going Stevieboy?”

I have been estranged from my daughter and most of my family since I was railroaded to prison. I lost my credit, contracting business built over 20 years, retirement, pets, home, rental property, vacation home, and home.

I have been harassed out of relationships, where I live, and my jobs, when State Police call my father and ask for names and addresses. I kept telling my father that police would know all that if they were doing a legitimate investigation for him to stop giving them information to get me beat up, set up, or even murdered. Since not talking to my father for 4 years I have had the same job, same girlfriend, and same place to live.

Police should not be able to spy on anyone so they can steal their spouse, significant other, children, property, and/or ruin lives for their own entertainment. Police should not be able to use friends and family to further harm a police target.

I have a picture obtained through the Freedom of Information Act showing what was distributed to police at roll call. The flyer is part of the Secret Police Enemies Arrest on Sight List.

I would like at minimum just get rid of the debilitating criminal record.

Around 2006 to 2007 I was pulled over numerous times by Massachusetts State Police , Monson, and Wales town police walking. The State Police were allegedly using plate scanners. I was asked if I had any bombs or guns, and that they needed to call the Connecticut State Police to see if I needed to be arrested on as many charges as possible. I explained to each officer what had led up to my “being mouthy in Connecticut”, and that I was just trying to put my life together and was struggling financially. I was told as long as I agreed not to work or live in Massachusetts and mostly stay at home in Vermont, they’d let me go with no charges.

In 2011, I was taking buses regularly from Springfield, Massachusetts, to NYC. The bus traveled through Connecticut. The last time I went, the bus driver pulled the bus over without anything to have caused him to, pulled out his TSA laminated ID and started screaming at me to state my name. I did. He said, “thought so,” and that if he could he would throw my piece of shit ass out on the street right now and that he was supposed to report me to Connecticut State Police if I stepped off the bus on any unscheduled stop, which the driver suggested I do.

This sort of harassment can only get worse. I want my name off their list and assume it will be with my record being expunged.

Will you please help? Will you please help me recover any losses as well. I have been complaining to federal and state authorities since all this has taken place. Since legislators are aware, even recently, that my talking to them resulted in my being targeted and railroaded to jail, I wonder if there is any liability on their part.

Steven G. Erickson [Address snipped]

[Phone # snipped]

stevengerickson AT yahoo dot com


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