Saturday, May 9, 2015

Will illegal drugs become black market currency in a cashless society?

 Let's not kid ourselves, the CIA, US Government, State Police, the DEA, Central Bankers, the FBI, Corporate Organized Crime, Billionaires, UN puppeteers of US Military, Arms producers, Blackwater type operations, and their minions are involved in heroin, cocaine, marijuana, ecstasy, methamphetamine, and other drug trafficking, murder-for-hire, money laundering, white slavery, abduction of children, sports betting prostitution, loan sharking, extortion, taxpayer funded state terrorism, domestic spying, rape, beatings, torture, indefinite detentions, regime change, pocket wars/conflicts, drone bombing, assassinations, ponzi schemes, Federal Reserve abuse of economies, crimes against humanity, war crimes etc.

A piece done by James Corbett or the Corbett Report, called, "Meet the Clintons," break down how Hillary and Bill Clinton are murdering, drug traffickers, with CIA ties. [Video embedded here]

Without cash, and with the police looking to confiscate guns, gold, and stored food, what better currency of a Martial Law society then the currency of the realm, illegal drugs? The CIA need not just use their printers to churn out Federal Reserve Notes, then can just pay the terrorists to attack US troops and Americans in America using illegal drugs as currency.

Even if you don't do drugs, if you can buy clean water, food, rent shelter, warm clothes, and transact with neighbors, why not use what can be easily carried. There is "no shrinkage" if you don't use drugs, you would have full use of our savings. If police confiscate cash, and the IRS empties your bank account and retirement on the slimmest of a slimy excuse, what is an average American to do?

TPP is part of the biggest theft in the history of the world perpetrated for the most disgusting criminals in the history of the world. CISA is Obama's Patriot Act 2.0


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Below post includes video of the girl's 4" long tongue, and a critique of average Americans not getting off their lazy butts for what is most important. 

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