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Implications of Total Surveillance

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Prior to 9/11 police in my town of Stafford Springs, Connecticut, were listening to citizen phone calls, trolling internet use, and private contractors were stringing surveillance microphones and video cameras from telephone poles.

Police could then enforce laws not on the books, policing on their whim. Police were also given secret directives to go after concealed carry permit holders, legal gun owners, the self-employed, and the outspoken. [This is what it has digressed into].

I sent elected officials emails about what police are doing wrong, about court reform, or talk on the phone about voting for paying less property taxes can all get you put on a [target list] where police will refuse to offer protection and service. Police will are looking for any excuse to arrest you, will set you up, and the court riggers, judges, prosecutors are instructed to be as medieval on you as possible. Your lawyer will sell you out to the dark side. [Post on lying scumbag, weasel Attorney Michael H. Agranoff].  I, Steven G. Erickson, experienced all this just before 9/11 and was prosecuted to the max just after.

I had purchased a desk to computer that was top of the line in 1998 or 1999. I was not blogging. I emailed State Senators and a Representative about being harassed and threatened by the Connecticut State Police who told me I was not allowed to vote, be married, own a home, have a daughter in my life, and that I was scum because I was a concealed carry permit holder and was a contractor, self-employed. I computer then fried beyond being able to use. That was was the first $2600 the police cost me. I then used my tenant's $2000 plus computer to send emails. Her computer then fried.  I have lost over $10,000 just in laptops and desktops due to police state shenanigans and abuse.

I have lost countless jobs. Countless friendships and romantic relationships have been ruined and prevented. I have suffered untold abuse and damage.

Hacker Rob G. says he hacks computers illegally for the police and state. He plants evidence on computers, deletes files, alters or blocks websites, puts spyware on computers, and helps the state silence and ruin the outspoken.

In modern times if you can't use email, be online, and function you can't get, maintain, and keep most jobs. Official hackers can get into your financial, medical, and other records and raise absolute havoc. Every aspect of your life is being manipulated by unseen psychopaths.

Police can set up citizen for being beaten up by police informants, being set up for false arrest, or even have 24/7 GPS locations on target citizens to be murdered. Your cell phone, call, or other electronics can make anyone a virtual prisoner out in the open air.

Police can decide to break up your relationships, family, destroy your reputation, finances, and ruin the sum total of everything you have ever worked for. Police can shop for underage girls and other targets for rape, sexual submission, sexual assault, sexual slavery, and/or being used for setting others up for home, business, asset, and cash loss to then be arrested and imprisoned. Cops shop for targets online like they are shopping for goods on

Cops and other officials take inventory of your bank account, home, vehicles, possessions, cash in your wallet or purse, or if you have a gun a police officer wants, they can send a police informant into your house when you aren't home and just steal it. They know where you are 24/7. [Post]

The US Constitution are the rules for government to follow. They are breaking all our rules, why should we follow theirs? The current international banker and corporate organized crime stealth occupation of the US expects us to fund our own abuse.

Silence signifies acceptance.

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It is a real popular search term, "Connecticut State Trooper stole cash out of my wallet" 


State Trooper Stole Cash And Crucifix From Dying Motorcycle Crash Victim

Trooper steals jewelry and cash from motorcycle wreck

A former Connecticut state trooper was sentenced on Friday to one year in jail for allegedly stealing personal belongings from the body of a dying motorcycle crash victim.

In an accident that occurred on the Merritt Parkway in September 2012, then-Trooper Aaron Huntsman reportedly took a gold crucifix worth about $5,000 and a wad of cash from the body of accident victim John Scalesse, who had crashed his bike into a construction company truck.

Apparently, the incident was caught on the trooper’s dashcam video; that footage has not been released to the public, however.

The victim’s family members prompted state police detectives to investigate the lost property allegations. The trooper had allegedly told the family that he didn’t know what happened to the crucifix or the money.

Huntsman’s full sentence was five years in prison, with all but one year suspended, plus a probationary term of three years. In June, the trooper entered a guilty plea to third-degree larceny under what’s called the Alford doctrine.

Prosecutors had sought a 16-month term.

The Connecticut Post reports that “Huntsman, the first trooper at the crash scene, walked over to where Scalesse lay, bent down and picked up Scalesse’s gold chain from a pool of blood, according to the arrest warrant affidavit. He then took a roll of bills totaling $3,700 that had been in Scalesse’s pocket. Later, Huntsman told Scalesse’s grieving father that he didn’t see any money on the victim, the affidavit states. The cash was later found held with a rubber band under the front seat of Huntsman’s cruiser.”

A 20-year military veteran with almost the same amount of time on the state police before he resigned, ex-Trooper Huntsman told the sentencing judge, “I just want the court, the family, and those present here that care about me to know that the man that stands here today deserves to be punished… I’m truly sorry for everything, the pain the suffering… not even realizing the symbol of the crucifix caused so much hurt.”

Huntsman’s lawyer reportedly claimed that alcoholism and PTSD were at the heart of the incident.

[source of above]

how many times did this officer get away with this before being caught? How common is this behavior?

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Killing citizens who know too much has a term for it, "Arkancide":
An overwhelming amount of links and video generated about the Clintons, their CIA cocaine trafficking business, and their body count of those who know too much:

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Who is a worse organized crime figure, John Gotti or Michael Chertoff? Chertoff was a federal prosecutor prosecuting Mafia figures. He became head of DHS, US Department of Homeland Security. He then went to the private sector to push dangerous microwave radiation scanners that we the people don't need, don't want, and can't afford. Insider Chertoff profits millions as an insider. So, whose worse Chertoff or Gotti? John Ashcroft is the former Missouri Governor, then US Attorney General, and now lobbyist who will take your cash to fix government for your use and profit if you are a criminal banker, corporate pirate, organized crime, or probably even if you are a CIA connected heroin or cocaine trafficker. Who is more of a scumbag parasite on humanity, Ashcroft or Gotti? Check out the first link below:

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Muck Rock FOI guides and help

Do you want to file a Freedom of Information Request to the FBI or other agency?

Maybe [Muck Rock] can help. I found the tip about Muck Rock from this James [Corbett Report Video]. If the FBI is legitimate, wouldn't they be using RICO to go after CIA operatives operating, murdering, and spewing propaganda inside the US? Well, check out Corbett Report video for answer.

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