Saturday, December 27, 2014

Connecticut State Police Intelligence Unit induced Temporary Insanity

Well before a friend of mine who was a retired Hartford Narcotics Detective and on the ground floor of the concept and planning of the US DHS, Department of Homeland Security, in the USCG US Coast Guard Reserves, told me what was being planned pre-9/11. Targets who get in the way of "progress" can be targeted by Connecticut State Police Intelligence Units which were part of the precursor to which is now DHS.

Connecticut State Police allegedly have a lab, bio-weapon herb garden, and plenty of methods, operatives, and devices of delivery. I was quite alarmed to wake up, go to a vacant apartment next to mine, and find a microwave oven propped up against the wall, a paperclip in the door mechanism, and it was set on the lowest setting of defrost. It was on the other side of a wall, 5 feet from where I slept in my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, rental properties that I had started fixing up from a boarded up condition when I was the only one living in 2 then vacant buildings, a 3 and 4 family house, 7 units total.  I have no idea how many weeks, days, or hours that I was subjected to doses of microwave radiation, all night, every night.

I was warned by a police officer who told me to watch my back to watch my beer at the local bar and to not eat or drink anything in my refrigerator that was not already opened. Lose your mental faculties only once, even temporarily, and the police state can do what they want with you, and paint all of what you say with one broad brush ruining your reputation with very little expense and effort.  Police officers no longer just show up in the dark or draw me out to talk privately to warn me. All communications are compromised, and police who are friendly with the public are punished for cavorting with the enemy. One Somers Connecticut Police Officer told me that if he helped me, worse would happen to him. That was before my false arrest.

Electronic, medical, bio-weapon, and special technology weapons have been tested, and are now used by Connecticut State Police Intelligence, DHS, and their contractors. Police officers use these against each other when one is potentially going to blow the whistle. The go to retaliation against police officers before they even think for blowing the whistle and breaking ranks is to go after their children utilizing DCF. Officers who are not feared of going rogue or feeling empathy for the general public have no problem with DCF, their police informants, or their underage girlfriends on probation.

One silent shot from an air rifle that scratches your arm, medication brushed on your steering wheel, or spray on a coffee filter before your morning coffee, or whatever delivery system, can cause you temporary insanity, your death, or your life in prison, discredited.

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Why am I telling you all of this? Well, I have again bashed a beehive with a broom handle. I am again standing under the beehive with no protection. I again have police hanging near where I park, across from where I park, and/or following me around as I shop. Just because they aren't in uniform in a store, or at my favorite watering hole, doesn't mean I remember them driving around in town when they were ...

International Bankers and Corporate Organized Crime who have the world under stealth occupation had one way of thinking to unclog their version of the world's drain, then they reversed their plan to make the clog worse, to then make the clog offer the solution. What am I talking about? Well, if you understand these arrogant elitist concepts:
you will understand what I am talking about. 

After the elites have wiped out our bank accounts, retirement, pensions, assets, wealth, jobs, and have taken our land, it is cheaper to kill us, sterilize, torture, and indefinitely detain us at their leisure then to govern us.


Does the US Constitution actually apply? I ask Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy that question:

Billionaires are represented. We the people pay taxes and fund our own abuse:

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