Monday, June 23, 2014

Elected officials are spied on too

There seems to be no difference between Lindsey Graham, John Kerry, John McCain, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, etc. They all seem to want to implode America, erase borders, support all out wars, and spend ridiculous amounts to increase the tyranny of the police state. All of their phone calls, internet use, and conversations are monitored too.

Private Investigators, such as in the State of Connecticut, have to open their files to the State Police at any time. State Police control the licensing of Private Investigators in states like Connecticut. Police then can prevent investigations into themselves, corrupt elected officials, corporate organized crime, international bankers, Wall St., and traditional Mafia. Investigators can be threatened with financial ruin, being beaten up, murdered, and imprisoned. The Connecticut FBI are even bigger bags of walking excrement than are State Troopers.

Look into public corruption and police and/or FBI, have and will continue to threaten you with a trip to Gitmo with the key being thrown away.

All out spying is tyranny. Police told me I was not allowed to vote, exercise free speech, be married, own a home, have a contracting business, date after police wrecked my marriage, have my daughter in my life, and was told I was kicked out of Connecticut.

[My personal experience showing domestic spying is abuse and how elected officials are not on our side]

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