Thursday, May 29, 2014

What Representative Government in the US?

Elected officials seem to be interested in enriching themselves and serving lawyer, international banker, and corporate organized crime interests, not ours.

I went to career politicians in Stafford Springs and Enfield, Connecticut. Republican State Senators John A. Kissel and Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo knew that I was asking to remove Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan for bias against the self-employed and that police were threatening my life and telling me I was kicked out of Connecticut for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police.

I intend on asking at least two legislative committees in Connecticut if it is okay for police to tell a citizen that he, or she, is kicked out of a state, can be murdered or beaten by police for voting, for free speech, for being married, having children, being self-employed, or for not breaking laws for police

Police can threaten a citizen with prison and then it happens.

Police can decide if you are allowed the privilege to drive. Police can use tax dollars to pay informants to beat or kill you. Police can use informants to manufacture excuses and evidence for arrests and prison sentences.

Police are into domestic spying for their racketeering, obstructing justice, prostitution, drug dealing, retaliating against citizens, for getting laid, for personal reasons, and for politics.

I would like to ask elected officials if they have any questions for me.

If I suddenly disappear, maybe I have been murdered by the Connecticut State Police.

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