Sunday, April 13, 2014

Will America become too Corporate/Banker Tyrannical to live in?

Fellow activists plan to meet in the State of Connecticut either at a meeting at the Judicial Branch, or in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee at the Legislative Office Building, the LOB, in Hartford, Connecticut. I was asked to come film and to attend.

I planned on doing a video about their acts of futility. I am guilty of similar acts.

You can't ask those who profit from abuse to police themselves or to stop doing what they are doing. You have to make them stop. If you can't beat them in traditional ways, you have to think outside the box, or figure out a way to protest to eventually get results while hopefully literally putting your skin at risk.

Lawyers are legislators in a very high percentage. Lawyers profit from divorce, kids being officially abducted, strife, mayhem, racism, disunion, and across the board abuse. So, why would lawyers want to fix a system that rewards their bad behavior in immunity from prosecution, huge paydays, extra sports cars, vacation houses, and an unlimited retirement?

You bleed and suffer to benefit lawyers, their friends, and the international corporate banker stealth occupation of America and most of the world.

Ritt Goldstein is my go to guy to explain the abuse. He exposed the growing police state and rigged court system to State of Connecticut legislators and a special legislative hearing. He fled to Sweden seeking political asylum after making [this video].

In just one county in the State of Connecticut, a "quiet county", Windham County, there is a telephone book size pack of papers of complaints that have not been investigated about police murdering citizens, Connecticut State Troopers raping women, assaulting citizens, ripping people off, hiring police informants to beat and murder citizens, manufacturing evidence, lying, committing perjury, intimidating witness, sexually assaulting and abducting children, committing gross acts of brutality, torture, extreme misconduct, stalking citizens, racketeering, obstruction of justice, rigging elections, arresting citizens who display political signs not in line with the police officers' international union, and acts of absolute treason etc. NOT ONE OF THE CITIZEN ACCUSATIONS THE SIZE OF A TELEPHONE BOOK WAS INVESTIGATED IN A "QUIET COUNTY"!

If Ritt had to flee to Sweden just informing elected officials of the reality back in 1996, which is much more abusive today, what do you think will happen to you for doing the same thing? Isn't doing the same thing, and then getting the same result, AND BEING SURPRISED ABOUT GETTING THE SAME RESULTS, one of the definitions of insanity?

Should acting in the pursuit of justice and your rights be considered insanity, or at least futile?

Welcome to the new international corporate run America. Do not commit capitol crimes against corporations or you will be toasted.

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