Sunday, April 6, 2014

Thank Barack Obama for your Small Business or for Anything that you Have?

I recall a US President Barack Obama Speech where he says that if you have a small business, or a job, you should thank the government. He said that you have what you have because of government not because of your effort, intelligence, and drive. You should thank government for all that you have. WTF???!!!

I believe Obama's mother was a lying whore operative for the CIA and international criminal bankers. I believe her lying lawyer whore son is doing the same thing. Obama appointed criminals to regulate criminals in the same industries. How is that working out for us? No enemy could invade us and do what the puppet piece of shit has done to OUR COUNTRY!

I say Impeach, Arrest, Prosecute, Jail, Execute for Treason, Repeat.

Government did NOT help me build my small business, a contracting business where I then bought rental properties and then fixed them up from a boarded up condition. They did not help my family. Police refused to protect and serve, and to answer 911 calls into them. The occupation government broke up my marriage, estranged me from my daughter, took everything away, sent criminal police informants to beat, terrorize, and stalk me and then I was railroaded to prison for being "mouthy" about the abuse. [Story, documents, and video]

Obama can go fuck himself. He is the face of international corporate organized crime and bankers, the cartel that has us all under armed stealth occupation. [Url for below video on]. You can make my email from: stevengerickson At yahoo dot com

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