Friday, March 7, 2014

Florida Trooper runs over elderly woman, Daytona Beach Florida

I talked with a reporter who I saw on Channel 9 News here in Daytona Beach Florida, today earlier. I took video yesterday of where a Florida State Trooper hit an elderly woman the day before in a Walgreen's Drug Store parking lot near a Publix Grocery Store. There have been some interesting developments.

The female reporter told me just hours ago that Detective Keys is more than just a trooper, he is investigates traffic accidents as a detective. She pulled up the Detective's driving history. He has many at fault accidents where evidence of his wrongdoing may have been removed by the actual detective and reports possibly falsified. The detective allegedly backed over a sign, shearing the sign off, and the sign went missing ...

The elderly woman hit by the Detective was unconscious, bleeding, and in reportedly in critical condition before her leg was amputated when Detective Keys (Keyes?) gave a statement to reporters that the woman would be "alright".  The reporter went on to say that Keys was not arrested, that he is driving the same car he hit the elderly woman with, and that the incident will probably be brushed under the rug.

What would happen if you were driving recklessly in a parking lot, driving too fast, turned a corner, and dragged an elderly woman under you car while bystanders and children watched in horror? Would you just go back to work the next day in the same car? Would you not be arrested? Do you see that we have two separate and unequal "justice" systems?

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P.S. so if I have reported this on this story, and I am not heard from again ... was it because I was critical of police in a US Police State? 

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