Sunday, March 30, 2014

A Monsanto GMO Mass Extinction?

Monsanto was a main company who made Agent Orange during the Vietnam War. Millions of Vietnamese were killed, made sick, and genetically altered. So many American Veterans were also. The living will be genetically altered forever.

Monsanto is also the Worlds' "Seed Nazi".

Anything that is altered by Monsanto is the property of Monsanto. So goes the corporate corrupted court system.

Organic farmers who have their crops infected by Monsanto's GMO crops are accused of theft and patent infringement even if the Monsanto poison is blown on by the wind. Monsanto crops have pesticides already in the crops. So, the "food" is poisonous, causes cancer, and causes genetic mutations. If the GMO food alters the bacteria in our digestive systems, and that bacteria regulates us, we are all altered by Monsanto.

Where are the pollinating bees?

Why are massive flocks of birds falling out of the sky all at once in huge numbers littering the ground?

Is this the same corporate experiment we are all subject to?

Global warming might just be propaganda science, but the poisoning of our environment which is due to corporations, not populations, is fact. The FDA wanted, or wants, the poison artificial sweetener, Aspartame, listed as what milk is, so it does not have to be listed as an ingredient in milk. If Aspartame reaches 86 degrees Fahrenheit it is allegedly the same as Formaldehyde. Do you want to use corpse preservative for a sweetener and not know because it is not listed as an ingredient on your "food" label. Monsanto does not want their GMO poisons labeled when it is added to your food.

Rats are tested using GMO "food". Monsanto determined 3 months is enough testing on rats to deem GMO safe for all of humanity. Rats began to have tumors the size of rats, get cancer, leukemia, other diseases, become infertile, and die at 4 months.

Given the regulations that Monsanto wrote, and our elected officials signed, unread, we are all technically owned by Monsanto. States do not want to challenge international corporate organized crime in court. Police and judicial workers belong to an international union. The shots are called outside the US and billions are funding our stealth occupation and our own abuse.

We pay to be F'd. States will go bankrupt if the stand up to the occupiers. The media is taken over, the government is a puppet, the police work for the other side, the courts are a rubber stamp on the abuse, and the spy agencies spy on us to protect the corporate occupation, not us.

Citizens have a right to bear arms and get representation for their taxation. Inmates get what they get. America is being run look one big open air corporate prison.

International organized crime has taken us over. We pay taxes so at $100/day we are putting Amish, small business owners, and the self-employed in prison because they are competition to the corporations and resist being spied on, abused, and assimilated by the corporate occupation.  Why should having a cow, pig, chickens, or growing a garden be a crime? Why should paying cash at a Garage Sale to a neighbor be a crime just because a bank or corporation is not involved in the transaction? Why should having raw milk, making yogurt, ice cream, or cheese be considered an act of domestic terrorism if it is a family or community thing? Why should corporations call for the abolishment of religions and community gatherings if they aren't sanctioned by the corporate establishment?

There is nothing wrong with regulated, law abiding, tax paying, and community servicing corporations of a limited size if many, or any, can be found.

Life on Earth could just be terminated accidentally, or on purpose, because of Monsanto or another Satan Corporation having all power and no oversight.

Do we have rights as individuals or are we merely serfs of the corporate war machine? 

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Friday, March 7, 2014

Florida Trooper runs over elderly woman, Daytona Beach Florida

I talked with a reporter who I saw on Channel 9 News here in Daytona Beach Florida, today earlier. I took video yesterday of where a Florida State Trooper hit an elderly woman the day before in a Walgreen's Drug Store parking lot near a Publix Grocery Store. There have been some interesting developments.

The female reporter told me just hours ago that Detective Keys is more than just a trooper, he is investigates traffic accidents as a detective. She pulled up the Detective's driving history. He has many at fault accidents where evidence of his wrongdoing may have been removed by the actual detective and reports possibly falsified. The detective allegedly backed over a sign, shearing the sign off, and the sign went missing ...

The elderly woman hit by the Detective was unconscious, bleeding, and in reportedly in critical condition before her leg was amputated when Detective Keys (Keyes?) gave a statement to reporters that the woman would be "alright".  The reporter went on to say that Keys was not arrested, that he is driving the same car he hit the elderly woman with, and that the incident will probably be brushed under the rug.

What would happen if you were driving recklessly in a parking lot, driving too fast, turned a corner, and dragged an elderly woman under you car while bystanders and children watched in horror? Would you just go back to work the next day in the same car? Would you not be arrested? Do you see that we have two separate and unequal "justice" systems?

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P.S. so if I have reported this on this story, and I am not heard from again ... was it because I was critical of police in a US Police State?