Sunday, February 23, 2014

American to opt out of international corporate organized crime occupied US prior to 2016?

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Text typed in Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders official contact form:

Bernie and staff, I recently received a bulk email from you with a picture of Obama talking about Obama care. 9 out of 10 Vermonters I've talked to think Obamacare is a scam and that Obama is a scammer. I think any elected officials who link themselves with Obama are tainting themselves. Obamacare iis causing job loss, harm, and was written by insurance companies and corporate entities for their benefit, not ours.

J.P. Morgan and other bankers commit crime after crime. They are recipients of money printing and don't seem to be involved in legitimate business and banking. J.P. Morgan can pay a fine to avoid investigation, prosecution, and civil liability. So, if they are part of the Federal Reserve international criminal banker printing press, and they just print money at will, isn't the the "fine" just the mocking of everything American?

Is the NSA and Military Industrial Complex illegally misappropriating trillions of dollars? Is the NSA collecting and storing child porn using billions to trillions of our tax dollars?

Prior to 9/11 police were illegally tapping my phones and monitoring my internet use for my being self-employed and for having co-founded the Stafford Springs, Connecticut, crime watch. Police did not want their revenue collection and property confiscation scam interfered with. Police employ prostitutes, vandals, thieves, drug dealers, and other vermin as police informants to commit crimes and terrorize the public. I got in the way and was exposing them.

I was told I was not allowed to make over $10 per hour, to have my wife, my daughter, to own my home, and was also told by police I was not allowed to have my contracting business or rental properties. I broke no laws. So, if police are spying at will, they make the rules and they can take anything they want, right? Cops can now rape women and girls and not get into trouble. Is that okay with you? Is the Police State spying okay with you too?

Word search Steven G. Erickson. Police railroaded me to prison for my questioning public corruption, judicial misconduct, and police brutality.  Police said it was their job to wreck my family, terrorize me, harm me, make me lose my home, my contracting business, and railroad me to prison. Did I pay taxes to fund my own abuse? Because a police informant attacked me on my property, I was arrested and got prison. The informant attacked me 7 more times before my bogus police state rigged court "trial".

US elected officials have so sold out to international corporate organized crime and bankers and have so ruined America, that I think I may choose to opt out of sinking America prior to 2016. I have already been completely ripped off and ruined by the US police state. I have had enough.

Bernie if you care about America you will do even more to eliminate the Federal Reserve debt slave system, work to remove Obama, and crush the monopoly of evil, corporate organized crime.

Will you allow me to testify about the above at a US Senate special hearing?


Steven G. Erickson PO Box Eight Seven Four Brattleboro, VT 05302 USA
stevengerickson AT yahoo dot com
Eight Zero Two 490 3559

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Police State of Fear and Free Speech

When I wrote to Stafford Springs, Connecticut, State Senator Tony Guglielmo and Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd regarding public corruption, judicial misconduct, and police brutality in the State of Connecticut, I didn't realize I would be put on a secret police arrest on site enemies list.

I may not have learned my lesson. State Police threatened my life and/or living the rest of my life out in prison for free speech, talking to elected officials, writing letters to the editor printed in Connecticut newspapers, and if I didn't shut my mouth and leave the State of Connecticut.

I sought my own version of political asylum in Vermont and New Hampshire. I fear again I am being sought on any excuse, or manufactured evidence to be railroaded to prison.

My first letter to, and latest letter text to, Connecticut US Senator Chris Murphy [click here].

If you do not see a post on this blog in the next 30 days, assume I am dead, in intensive care at a hospital, or again railroaded to prison for being self-employed and outspoken. [My videos]

stevengerickson AT yahoo dot com

Unrelated to any of my personal experiences ... if a married couple argues, they can each be charged with felony risk of injury to a minor. If a judge and his wife argue, and the judge gets arrested, then what is the worst that can happen? Well, maybe the judge gets his name in the paper. [post]