Monday, December 16, 2013

"Connecticut State Trooper took money out of my wallet"

All police are not law enforcement, they are armed revenue collectors, property confiscators, who are guards of the state, protecting the integrity of the system. Connecticut State Police Colonel [Thomas "The Duck" Davoren] told me his only job was to protect the integrity of the system. He told me police are under no obligation to protect and serve, to do investigations, or to arrest criminals even if they are caught breaking laws. In some states self-defense is a crime even on your own property. So, police can refuse to protect and serve and if it is a crime to defend yourself, the path of least resistance is just letting criminals and police rip you off on their whims. The new American reality can be quite harsh out in the real world.  

"Connecticut State Trooper took money out of my wallet," and similar searches are being done to find a lot of posts on my [Stark Raving Viking blog]. So, Connecticut State Police must be ripping off motorists, home owners, and those who chill in their apartments. [Connecticut State Police Brutality and Misconduct is Legendary].

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I know [Connecticut State Police to be pathological liars committing perjury to ruin citizens lives] and railroad "Big Mouths" like me to prison. [Video] [Scroll down in this post for links to pertinent documents]

A lot of Southern Sheriff Departments and Police Departments have long had a reputation for stealing cash from African Americans and Hispanics saying that the money could be used for buying drugs. Of course this is possible, but the money could also be used to buy food, gas, pay rent, or to support one's family.

When I almost got mugged on my property, Connecticut State Police were trying to figure out how to seize my work van as evidence because I used it to drive home when I got attacked on my property. They also tried to get my assailant to say he lived with me at one time or had considered doing so, so  I could have extra charges brought against me for "domestic violence" for having pepper sprayed the violent felon who attacked me on my property after stalking and threatening me for weeks. 2 of 4 Connecticut State Troopers who committed perjury on the stand for me to get a year in prison for "overreacting" to being mugged using pepper spray tried to get my assailant to get a restraining order against me so I would be denied use of my own home. In America you can get prison for refusing to give up your wallet or purse if you use pepper spray to end a knife attack or beating you are taking on your own property.

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