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Are police targets for character assassination ever normal after?

The above image [source] is one of the methods used when a citizen got mouthy in medieval times about police tyranny or being ripped off by the elites in charge. Now, psychological torture is the preferred method of official abuse. Modern tyrants are not immune from ordering official kidnapping, torture, rape, robbery, indefinite detention, and even having police, contractors, and police informants kill a target. Some state sponsored murders look like suicides or that a victim died of natural causes.

Two of my friends agreed to work on a pubic access television show or documentary, showing the physical hard evidence of the Connecticut Department of Children and Families, DCF, being complicit with State Police trafficking heroin and cocaine. A week or two before we were all to get together and start the project, the two of them, living in Connecticut, died of Natural Causes. I did not then make the drive down from Vermont. [Video of Rich's last voice mail left to me]. 

The below is a comment that I left to another comment left in the comment section of [this video].

Yes, anyone is normal after this?:

Work your entire life saving for a house, buy it, build a contracting business over 2 decades, get married, raise a family, and police then spy on you 24/7 follow you around and refuse to protect and serve and to go after criminals. The police then threaten to break up your family, take away your home, ruin your business, and then railroad you to prison after they send police informant thugs to beat you up. Does it make me "nutty" or rightfully pissed off?

If I knew working weekends and evenings around my 40 hour week would leave me penniless and in prison, I think I would have not worked so hard, saved money, bought a home, and striven for the American Dream. I would have enjoyed my life and known ALL I was taught about the US Constitution, pursuit of Liberty and Happiness was all a complete scam.

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Ritt Goldstein also proposed Civilian Oversight of Police legislation and then he was attacked by police informants on his property, as was I attacked on my property by police informants for proposing the same legislation and exercising Free Speech. I was sentenced to a year in prison by Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan. I was trying to remove Judge Kaplan for bad behavior prior to my being attacked on my own property. Ritt Goldstein fled the State of Connecticut after making [this video of testimony in front of the Judiciary Committee legislators in Hartford, Connecticut].


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Are Cops too lazy or corrupt to do honest Murder Investigations?

My friend, Todd Tucker, died at his business location, Tucker Transportation, at age 49, of an alleged heart attack, around a year ago in Winchester, New Hampshire. Todd's wallet was missing and has yet to be found. It had his license, credit cards, and cash in it. That alone is suspicious and his death should not be ruled "of natural causes" in my opinion.

Todd was found with injuries to the front AND the back of his head. His shirt was pulled up to nearly his neck and he was found upside down and purple in his business bathroom. That to me looks more like a struggle or fight then someone who fell while having a heart attack.

Todd allegedly had just found out that a nearby "townie", also with a business, had charged 1000's of dollars of auto parts and/or hardware at the local hardware store on Todd's account without Todd's permission. That is a number of crimes, I assume felonies wrapped up in each count of theft. As far as I know there has been no investigation into the the thefts or Todd's lost wallet. As far as I know, there had been no investigation on who possibly murdered Todd Tucker.

Doesn't this sound like it should be a murder investigation? Are Winchester, New Hampshire, and too many cops in police departments, nationwide, too arrogant, corrupt, and lazy to even do a murder investigation?

When I worked 2nd shift at Plum Pak, a factory, police would wait in the middle of town for any excuse to pull over those leaving work, going home. I was pulled over just after midnight in Winchester, New Hampshire, when I worked at the factory for just a week. I was doing 34 in a 30 and the way I was treated was if I may have murdered someone. I got pulled over just day later for having a headlight out. The same cop wanted to write me a ticket saying that it was probably like that a while, I asked the police officer, "if it was out last night, would you have pulled me over?" So, I got it fixed the next day with a used bulb from one of Todd Tucker's soon to be junked Dodge, that Todd took out, and put in for me.


In Springfield, Massachusetts, a "solved murder" was investigated for another 3 months, so officers could sit home, drink, or do whatever and get overtime for an investigation that already should have been listed as over. A bartender who works, or worked, at the cop bar, called "The Ale House" told me the story.

In the early 1980's I worked the night shift at a 24 hour convenience store. Springfield Police Officers would collect "protection" in uniform getting oral sex from prostitutes in the dairy cooler sitting on 3 empty stacked dairy crates asking me to act as their look out. White officers would put minorities in protective custody and under arrest and would borrow the dumpster gate keys and flesh with blood hanging from it would be on the brick wall near the dumpster when they were done.

Cops would come in bragging about getting college and other young girls to have sex, or perform oral sex on them in the back of a cruiser on what officers called "Date Night". Attractive girls and women could be threatened with arrest for driving drunk or in the possession of drugs. They would leave the woods' side back door open to not lock themselves in as they committed rape and/or sexual assault. Cops would often brandish their throw away pistols and bags of drugs to plant on citizens, left in the glove compartments of cruisers. Some cops would complain that officers on other shifts would steal their throw away pistols and drugs for planting as evidence.

The Police Union for the Springfield, Massachusetts, had to stop doing drug tests on officers for residual alcohol, cocaine, and heroin, as a very large percentage of officers tested positive with only the first batch of 30 being tested. Police had refused to write speeding and parking tickets while they had a dispute with management to financially starve them to the negotiating table.


Why do I talk about Springfield, Massachusetts, and Winchester, New Hampshire police in the same post? Well with both departments, Civilian Oversight of Police would have helped prevent this abuse of taxpayers and threat to public safety at the hands of police. Police should not police themselves. I proposed Civilian Oversight of Police in the State of Connecticut and [this happened to me].

I intended for this post to purely about Todd, nothing to do with me, or my unresolved case of police acting as terrorists, rapists, drug dealers, thugs, and organized crime and armed revenue collectors, not law enforcement. Bottom line, I would like a real investigation be done into what happened to Todd and bring those who may have murdered and ripped off Todd to justice.

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This is why I, Steven G. Erickson, think that cops can be too lazy or arrogant to do an honest investigation:

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Nurturing US Parent Stories and Intact Families, now thing of the Past?

Jim Parsons plays the Sheldon character on the "Big Bang Theory" television series. I wasn't expecting much, but was riveted while watching the embedded video. It is a heart warming story of a father and family nurturing their offspring's passions, looking to see that he succeeded. Jim Parson has some amazing ancestors with some amazing stories of their lives, enjoy.

You didn't think you would get away with not hearing one of this video uploaders, now famous, or infamous rants, on how everything somehow relates back to him? Well, I won't disappoint you, even after posting Jim Parsons' uplifting story and video. But, if you don't want to read my personal rant, stop reading here.

You can scroll down from here and see a great video below.

[This is my America]. Whereas Jim Parson's father looked to see that his son did well and was nurtured, I did not get the same experience growing up, or being on [The Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies Arrest on Sight List] when my own father allegedly turned on me.

I had allergies and asthma as a child. My father said I didn't deserve my last name and even though my parents were together for most of my upbringing, he told his little first born son that he didn't want to have to support me. I never heard "I love you" from my father or any praise at all, until way past adulthood. He was not willing to pay for my college education, refusing to fill out any paperwork, and seemed to be trying to run me off before I was even out of high school.

I have memories of being taken on father and son fishing vacations to Maine. My father refused to hang out with me and to fish with me, and told the other fathers and my two friends that he hated me. That is pretty brutal for a 10 and 11 year old to have to deal with. When I was 5, there was a father and son egg toss at the local Ludlow, Massachusetts, park. My father said I couldn't throw and was worthless. Wally Henderson stepped up to stand in as my father, and we won the egg toss challenging about 15 other pairs of actual fathers and sons.

We were probably the richest family within many blocks. I was a star at hockey and played with my friends from a very young age. My father refused to buy equipment and help me join the hockey team that my friends were on. He spend any amount of money on my two younger sisters and would gladly help and attend their activities. My only lesson learning how to throw a baseball was having a pitch thrown straight in my face at age 5 after I was told I threw like a girl. My father then yelled at me for being a cry baby. I avoided being around him all I could. My friends didn't like coming over to hear that we were somehow playing wrong, and then had to play as my father told us. I never did learn how to throw a baseball, gut a fish, or know what it was like to have a caring father figure growing up.

We had a wood stove in the house, only while I lived there, and was promptly not used after I left. But, my father would have me move he wood pile up onto the porch even after the season was ended, and then have me move it to one side of the yard, then the other. I hated him for making me do hard work that had no purpose. I could then not listen to a thing he said without thinking he was just a complete asshole out to make my life as difficult and stressful as was possible. It seems he wanted to prevent me from having fun, or playing with my friends.

If I was relaxed, or expressed joy, I knew a switch would go off in his head and he would start yelling at me and punish me. I had not done anything wrong, when we got a new pool, I was age 14, my father had the dirt delivered to the very back of the yard so I would take weeks, not days, putting the dirt around the new inground pool after the other one caved in. The man delivering the dirt in the dump truck asked my father if he wanted it closer to the pool. My father started screaming at the truck driver saying, "I pay you, you do as I tell you and shut up."

The truck driver asked me if I was being punished. I told him "no, he always treats me like this". He asked if "that man" was my real father, not a step father. I told him I feel like I was adopted and not wanted, but said he is my real father. The truck driver told me that as soon as I was big enough, I should punch my father repeatedly in the face and not stop, or that I would regret it the rest of my life. I am regretting not punching my father at age 16, because I challenged my father to a fight and he quit beating on me at that point. When my father dies, if he dies before me, I will remember being 4, and wheezing and choking in an enclosed car with cigar smoke, and then being punched in the face sitting in the backseat for having asthma. I will also remember constantly being sent down the basement without dinner as my father didn't want to look at me or hear me when I had ashtma symptoms that nowadays would not be considered anything that out of the ordinary.

I nearly died at about age 14 or 15, rushed to the hospital by ambulance after the Gypsy Moth and Caterpillar infestation. I was minutes away from going into shock and dying. My father started screaming at me at the hospital calling me worthless and a piece of shit. A nurse asked me if I wanted to give her a statement, have my father arrested, and be removed to a living situation that wasn't so hostile and abusive. I didn't want my father arrested. My father, on the other hand thinks anyone who even upsets a police officer, even they committed no crime, should be arrested and go to prison. What if it pisses police officers off if you have a hot girlfriend or wife, a Corvette, or are self-employed?

The only time my father offered me any praise, or even treated me like a human being, is when I bought my second house on my own, a two family house, and fixed it up in Somersville, Connecticut. He then accused me of being lazy, if I did not get more to fix up. He then helped me get a 3 and 4 family houses, boarded up, with nothing electrical, heating, or plumbing working in the houses on Church St. in Stafford Springs, Connecticut. He helped me financially with 10's of thousands of dollars. I spent 100's of thousands of dollars and over 4 years fixing up the houses from a boarded up condition, doing everything inside and out. Connecticut State Police allegedly contacted my father and asked their help to prevent me from talking to elected officials and trying to remove Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan from the bench for being biased against small business and the self-employed in civil cases.

So, my own father allegedly became a police informant, helping police stalk, terrorize, and abuse me. Police told me I would lose my property, my business, and never see my daughter again if I talked to elected officials about police and judicial misconduct. My father came to me after 3 State Police Officers committed perjury and Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan somehow sat on my case even though I had been trying to have him removed for years before the criminal trial for me having resisted being beaten up by a police informant in my dark driveway after the informant had stalked me, terrorized me for weeks, threatened my life, and then attacked me. I got a year in prison for pepper spraying the violent felon who was sent by police to attack me, and then attacked me on my property.

My father came to me in prison, and told me that if I did not give up my fight for justice against the Connecticut State Police and the rigged court system, he would see to it my daughter never talked to me again. She hasn't, and I have not heard the word "Daddy" or "I love you" from my own daughter since being railroaded to prison. I was so frustrated I wrote US President George W. Bush on 9-15-01 and got an answer back that he actually read my letters to him. I was attacked on my properties 10-11-01. Click on those documents in [this post] to enlarge. See for yourself.

I haven't talked to my father in about 4 years. I had asked him to quit calling police and telling them if I have a job, a place to live, or a girlfriend. I told them that if police had a legitimate investigation they were doing, not just terrorizing and harassing me, they could easily find my exact location after I used the internet or a cell phone.

I told my father police wanted to enforce their "no dating" policy on me because I dumped a police informant, a blond, who left her husband for me. I didn't know she was married until she confessed and said that police had offered her $10,000 to set me up for a false arrest and police beating where I would be beaten to a pulp by police and get 5 to 15 years in prison for assaulting police officers. [The Story of Connecticut State Police Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren, Barbara Sattal, and Sgt. Foxx of Troop C]

Sgt. Samuel Izzarelli, now head of Troop C, Connecticut State Police, Tolland, told me that I would not have been a target for police harassment, prison, property loss, family break up, and being assaulted and threatened by police informants if I had chosen more honorable professions. He told me that all landlords were slumlords and all contractors are drunks. Izzarelli seemed more interested in furthering the careers of prostitutes, vandals, drug dealers, thieves, and other common criminal parasites. Why should police hate the self-employed and those who are informed and inform others? [Post about Sam Izzarelli]

Sam Izzarelli told me I was going to get a "Hot Shot" in prison because I was such a big mouth and had lodged a police misconduct complaint against an officer. I didn't know if I was going to get a lethal injection upon entry to prison, or if Izzarelli was just toying with me to get me to freak out so I could spend the rest of my life in a mental insitution.

I told my father that police were out to harm or even kill me, and to please let me call them back, not him, if they called him. He called the State Police anyway and told them where I lived, where I worked, and what my girlfriend's name was and what she drove. "Thanks Dad, if we were Jewish during World War II, you just turned me into Hitler for being Jewish". Certain police officers wanted me to not have a place to live, not have a significant other, or gainful employment for the rest of my life. I am blacklisted in the court systems, so judges will refuse to sit on my cases, or just throw the book at me if I am in any courtroom for any reason, actions I bring, or are brought against me.

With the current US Police State, I don't see wonderful stories like the one Jim Parson's presents in the current US Police State. Police saw to it that dating is almost impossible, that my life is ruined, that my daughter doesn't talk to me, and that getting any place to live or any job of any kind is extremely difficult because of my bogus criminal record. Again, "thanks Dad".

[Video of my former properties]

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