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Telling Children Committee Elected Officials the truth about current Police State/Spying

The below was circulated to the Hartford Connecticut Police Department, the State of Connecticut State Police Capitol Guards, and various Troops of the Connecticut State Police to arrest me on sight for blogging critical of the Connecticut Governor. I was warned by a retired Hartford Police Officer to not appear in public as police planned to beat me up and charge me with resisting arrest and assaulting police officers to spend 5 to 15 years in prison. Free Speech is not Free. Ken Krayeske a UConn law student was arrested on sight for being on the list as he appeared in public.

[Click here] for video of the former properties I owned in Connecticut. 18 School St., Somersville, and 3 and 5 Church St., Stafford Springs, Connecticut. [This is what your taxpayer dollars are now doing to US families and the self-employed].

(The below was emailed to the recipients listed at the bottom of this blog)

To whom it may concern on any legislative committing regarding children:

Before 9/11 police were recruiting citizens who considered becoming police officers and actual criminals, felons, criminals on probation, prostitutes, vandals, drug dealers, thugs, and thieves for help with revenue collection, police rackets, narcotics distribution, retaliation, property confiscation, recruiting targets into sexual slavery, removing legal guns from legal gun owners, taking children from good families based on deceit, false allegations, police perjury, fraud, and identifying potential citizen leaders for when the US Constitution was to become null and void. Should any citizen end up arrested, in prison, beat up, dead, and/or have to flee to a foreign country seeking political asylum just for talking to elected officials, or contacting reporters about their cases, suffering after police brutality, rape, robbery, assault, judicial misconduct, and/or public corruption?

Please check out what happened to Ritt Goldstein after he documented the build up to the police state requiring rigged courts. Ritt Goldstein fled to Sweden after making this video in front of a special legislative committee in Hartford, Connecticut:

I, Steven G. Erickson, built a contracting business over 2 decades, decided to live with my wife in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, instead of Europe, fixed up rental properties up from a boarded up condition, and wanted to raise my daughter in Connecticut who is in the top 1% in the intelligence quotient.

I found out that police prior to 9/11 were looking to eliminate the self-employed and small business owners if they were not Mafia, police, lawyer, judge, corporate, or officially affiliated. I was asked to break laws for police, target the self-employed, gun owners, and those who would be a problem after the US Constitution was nullified to become a police informant. I refused. I was then retaliated upon and terrorized by police.

Police then were listening to all my phone calls, reading all my emails, and Stafford Connecticut Police Officer would repeat word for word what my wife and I talked about in our bedroom. He threatened me and later assaulted me for "the crime" of feeding my wife macaroni and cheese because he said it is fattening because it contains butter. Officer Prochaska's nickname is "Fat Frank", ironically, and at the time he allegedly lived with his mother. My wife was a model in Europe and she showed no interest in the cop that stalked us.

I was told by Stafford Springs Police Constable Prochaska and Stafford Connecticut Resident State Trooper Mulcahey that I was denied all police protection and service, that I was kicked out of Connecticut, and that I would be beaten up, arrested, maybe take my last ride in handcuffs with my teeth kicked out in a police cruiser, or the rest of my life in prison, if I did not shut my mouth, not talk to elected officials or anyone at the newspapers. I was also told that my wife could stay.

Police and their informants harassed the crap out of me for an extended period of time. I was told I would never see my daughter again if I did not do as I was ordered by police. I found out my father was giving police information and that they wanted him to prevent me from ever seeing my daughter again if I did not give up my pursuit of justice after suffering police and judicial misconduct. After being railroaded to prison for resisting being robbed by a police informant who threatened my life, attacked me with a knife, telling me he would kill me if I did not turn over my wallet, I got a year in prison for pepper spraying the criminal who tried to rob and kill me on my own property.

Is everyone in American being spied on by the government and the NSA? Does it cost $40,000 to $50,000 each for solid state memory and all the manpower and infrastructure to spy on each of us, 24/7 every year?

The reason I am contacting elected officials on the children's committee as there might be less lying, scumbag lawyers. Should children have to pay for generations for this police state abuse? Should you allow America to be worse than the former USSR could ever dream of being?

Do you have any questions, or do you want to know names and dates about anything I have talked about? Do you care about America and Children? Whose side are you on?

My daughter has not called me "Daddy" or said "I love you" since I was railroaded to prison and my father came to me saying that I had a choice to stop pursuing police and the court system about misconduct and misappropriation of funds or never talk to or see my daughter again. What kind of "freedom, liberty, and pursuit of happiness" is this? Why should US taxpayers fund this sort of police state abuse and domestic spying? Does this benefit, or harm, families, children, the economy, and America itself? 

My story links:

stevengerickson AT

[Steven G. Erickson uploaded videos]

State of Connecticut Children Committee Legislative Members:

Children Committee

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Steven G. Erickson picture, phone number, and picture on the State of Connecticut Police Secret Police Target and Arrest on Sight List [Click here]

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The below was posted by Steven G. Erickson back on July 27, 2009. 

Please click on the letters to former US President George W. Bush, and the answers I got, below to make them bigger, and readable. There was a war on the self-employed pre-9/11. Police were recruiting police informants to make you lose your small business, home, family, job, retirement, and way of life. International Corporate Organized Crime, Bankers, and the Elite in the US have been working decades to break you all down to the point that they can roll in police, the military, and their foreign corporate/banker occupation troops all over America. Your guns, your money, your family, and your way of life is going to be seized to better serve the international elite.

I wrote Bush 9-15-01 and got word back he actually read my letter into him. I was attacked on my property 10-11-01. A police informant, a violent felon, threatened me for 2 weeks, stalked me, and then attacked me on my property. Only I was arrested and I was sentenced to a year in prison for pepperspraying the felon who attacked me with a knife on my property from behind in my dark driveway. A man on probation who raped a 3 year old baby was not given prison, but I was. Who is more a danger to society, a home owning, taxpaying, family raising small business owner or a child rapist?

The corporate occupation has deemed the American way of life a danger to their existence. You have paid taxes for them to take everything, fly armed drones over your head, and occupy your property and your country with armed troops who answer to the UN and Corporate Organized Crime, not you. I, Steven G. Erickson, learned this a decade plus ago. I was then punished by the Police State for my knowledge and non-cooperation. 

Monday, July 27, 2009

Letter Mailed off Today

The below text was mailed here:
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

To US President Obama or to whom it may concern: July 24, 2009

“Give me your wallet or I’m going to kill you”, was what Brian C. Caldwell, a convicted felon, told me after jumping me on my Stafford Springs, Connecticut, property. Since Caldwell was a police informant, only I was arrested for having pepper sprayed him to end the beating I was taking. I got a year in prison! Should my case be looked into, should I be pardoned, and should the US Constitution now apply in America?

If a citizen buys a home, tries to run a business, or just wants to live, raise a family, pay taxes, and live the American Dream, it may be against the wishes of those who are in corrupt State, or other, Police Department, and those who illegally run most of our US Court System. Should “Government = Mafia”? Should families be destroyed for profit?

I received a year in prison for resisting being mugged on my own property. The mugger was given immunity for committing felonies to maliciously prosecute me. The stated goal of police was to pay up to a $10,000 bounty to have me beaten up, killed, and/or railroaded to prison for what I had written in newspapers critical of them, for proposing court reform and civilian oversight of police legislation to elected officials. The police were also angry at me for getting “mouthy” about Bryn Ouellette (sp.?), a teen who illegally moved into my basement and was building pipe and propane bombs and setting devices off near where I, and the Sabatassos (sp.?) and their 4 young children slept. Police were spending tax dollars to harass me, spy on me, and to make sure I lost my house, business, daughter and the sum total of my life’s work, forever.

I was threatened with arrest and prison by police officers if I did not leave Connecticut and shut my mouth prior to the mugging. Should mostly White, and male, police officers decide they want to take anyone’s wife, girlfriend, business, home, or freedom, just because they feel like it. Should police be able to lie, rape, cheat, steal, beat, and even kill with almost absolute immunity? Should our US courts be a rubber stamp on abuse?

Should those who run our courts be able to hire their friends and family in made up positions to make 6 figures, get a cushy pension, and maybe have to do little, to no work, and maybe not have to even show up? The Judicial Branch is wrecking America.

Why are Americans paying to be abused, to have their families broken up, the economy ruined, and to have honest taxpayers taken out of the taxpaying role, by falsely arresting, imprisoning, fining, and confiscating of property as many Americans as can be gotten away with? Should police be targeting “mouthy” individuals or criminals and crime?

What am I talking about? Please do a google search on my name, “Steven G. Erickson”, when my blog comes up, please look for today’s date and this letter to you. I’ll post links.

Please look into remedying my case and in to improving America by considering across the board US court reform and in having nationwide civilian oversight of all police.

Steven G. Erickson, [address snipped]

* * * *
* * * *
* * * *

The below is why I, Steven G. Erickson, blog, why I hate censorship, and why I mistrust the court system, government, and most law enforcement:

Will Steven G. Erickson soon end up in prison for again testing "Free Speech" after sending [this letter text] to the White House recently? Connecticut State Police put a bounty on me after I wrote [this letter, scroll down, click to make bigger or click images below] to George W. Bush?

* * * *

I mailed a letter to President Bush on 9-15-01 discussing the problems I was having. I was then attacked on my property 10-11-01 by a police informant. I pepper sprayed my attacker in my dark driveway. Police were right there to arrest me. If the Bush administration was not so deceitful and arrogant, I think I and so many other citizens would not have been ripped off needlessly and abused. Our economy and national reputation would also be better. My letter to Bush:

If you click on it and save it, you can use a view to make it bigger.

The HUD response telling me Bush actually read my letter:

In the follow up report I am called the victim:

I was current on mortgage payments on 3 rental properties. Two of which I fixed up from a boarded up condition spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and years of my labor. I had also built up a contracting business over 2 decades. My reward was that a strong armed robber, a mugger, a felon, could threaten my life while demanding money in my own dark driveway, beat me, and he is not arrested, I am for using pepper spray and I go to prison.

A short video of my former properties [click]

* * * *
* * * *

Added August 4, 2010, text of email sent to Vermont Congressman Peter Welch through his official webpage:

* * * *

Women who are raped, or sexually assaulted by police, can then be arrested if they try to report the officer for police misconduct and/or sexual assault. Police can refuse to investigate crimes such as rape, robbery, assault, vandalism, etc. In the State of Connecticut Police Officers can simply be lazy, arrogant, and terrorize citizens when they are too lazy to do their jobs. I was threatened with loss of my marriage, daughter, home, business and told I was kicked out Connecticut. This did happen and I went to prison, after being a target of police. If you think the 24/7 domestic spying makes you safer, think again.

* * * *
* * * *

* * * *

Chris Kennedy, and I, lodged complaints against Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan. Kaplan is okay with a man on probation raping a 3 year old, but is not okay with citizens who exercise Free Speech, expose public corruption, police brutality, or complain about the rigging and bias of the courts to harm society, not help it. Going to the State of Connecticut Judiciary Committee Legislators, made out of mostly lawyers is an act of futility. Reporting felonies to officials, where the officials do nothing is a crime. Here we expose Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan as the Devil's Minion:

This is how complaining to the USDOJ worked out for Steven G. Erickson:

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