Monday, July 22, 2013

Trayvon Martin subject used to bait the weak-minded?

Corporate Organized crime wants a race war. The general population is that stupid and is taking the bait. Corporate Organized Crime and International Bankers want to divide and conquer. These criminals want to distract you from their push to eliminate populations, grab vast tracts of land, resources, while they spy, war, rape, rob, indefinitely detain, torture, and murder. Ask organized crime to take away the rest of your rights and see how it works out for you. UN Agenda 21 is now being implemented.

I was told by police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, pre-9/11 that they had no obligation to protect and serve. Former Colonel Thomas "The Duck" Davoren told me that his number one job is to protect the integrity of the system not serve or protect the public. Another Connecticut State Police Officer, Sgt. Samuel Izzarelli told me that bar owners, restaurant owners, farmers, landlords, conractors, small business owners, shop owners, and the self-employed were being spied on and beaten on, and terrorized by police informants because the self-employed are scumbags. So, police are brainwashed to use criminals, prostitutes, drug dealers, vandals and scum of the earth criminals to help police arrest innocent citizens, put them in prison, take away their homes, break up families, and use tax dollars to take taxpayers offline and to use tax dollars to house formerly productive people in prisons.

Alleged FBI Contractor and former Stafford Springs, Connecticut, fireman Bruce Brown told me I could be beaten, murdered, or indefinitely detained if I informed the public of the surveillance cameras and microphones that were being strung up pre-9/11. Spying is not for your protection. [That story].

I started spouting off in letters to the editor printed in newspapers and to elected officials. Police retaliated. Free Speech is not free. You do not own property and you have no Constitutional rights. I found this out pre and post 9/11. Police were sending criminals into gun owner homes to steal guns. They were setting up gun owners for false arrests and same with the self-employed. So, I do not put it past the Connecticut State Police Intelligence Unit, a state's version of the CIA, from sending in it's special ops and officers to go into a Connecticut school and shoot children to blame it on a patsy at Newtown CT Sandyhook school to end the 2nd Amendment.

The FBI was using tax dollar to pay White Supremest radio host Hal Turner to bait whites to attack minorities. Tax dollars were used before to bait populations into civil unrest and race wars. The FBI used tax dollars in 1993 to find bombers to bomb the World Trade Center, provided the plans, live bombs, and then allowed the bombers to use live bombs to try and blow up the World Trade Center the first time. The ATF was to face budget cuts and were going to have their staff cut, then came the Oklahoma City Bombing right on time to save them. Those officials talking about ATF and other operatives planting bombs in the Federal Building prior to the bombing were murdered or "committed suicide" under questionable circumstances:
[Corbett Report post on this subject]

Police can refuse to protect and serve. Our international criminal masters want to abolish free speech, property ownership, independent farming, self-employment, gun ownership, and the ability for you to protect yourself in public and in your home. A felon police informant threatened my life for weeks, left voicemails threatening my life, told my tenants he was going to kill me, and then beat me on my property and attacked me with a knife. I used pepperspray to end the attack. Connecticut State Police refused to arrest my attacker and saw to it that I got a year in prison for using pepper spray to end the attack I endured on my own property. I had been running from my work van to my back door to get inside my properties in both Somersville Connecticut and Stafford Springs, Connecticut. Police had been following me around almost 24/7 and had felon police informants at each of my property locations. Word search Steven G. Erickson.

A criminal already in trouble who raped a 3 year old did not get prison because prisons were too crowded. Criminals were committing assaults, robberies, and even raped women while on probation, and did not get prison. I got a year in prison for using pepper spray. The courts and "law enforcement" in the US is complete BS. My daughter has had nothing to do with me since I was in prison and I lost everything I had ever worked for. The American Dream is a cruel, never ending nightmare while international bankers and corporate organized crime call the shots and bait the weak-minded in their mainstream media.

That is why I think the Trayvon Martin is being promoted for the weak-minded to do the bidding of the globalists.

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