Friday, July 12, 2013

Elites International War on Small Business and Self-Employed

I was watching RT America a couple of days ago. There was a story on how taxes are getting so high on small business and the self-employed they are closing shop in France. Some after decades of successful business. Many ran the business themselves taxed so heavily they could not even afford to pay for help. I was in Paris, France, in the late 1990's and marveled at all of the small shops. Previously I had toured Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. Corporate tyranny had not yet taken over. Small business, the self-employed, and tight-knit vibrant communities is what I saw. The European Union is total UN, elitist tyranny.

The war on the self-employed started long before 9/11.

The family farmer was in the cross heirs. By raising taxes on the small guy, and when the big guy pays little to none, that is completely unfair business practices. Americans were pushed off the land in big numbers again, from the 1970's. The EPA, FDA, IRS, FBI, TSA, DHS, NSA etc are out to service their international "customers" not us.

During OWS, the FBI, CIA, NSA, New York City Police etc were, and still are, protecting international corporate and banking organized crime, and criminals, not us. Complain about being ripped off by these criminals and you can be spied on, beaten up by police, terrorized, jailed, and even murdered for getting in the way.

I post videos about this subject, here:

My experience being asked to break laws for police and target the self-employed, and the aftermath for refusing, detailed here:

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