Friday, July 26, 2013

Cops being fired for not harassing you and ripping you off?

Police are told to bring in revenue, come up with schemes to confiscate property, break up families, and arrest and imprison citizens on any lame excuse. Officers who believe in the law, justice, and the US Constitution are fired and become victims of the system.

Alex Jones Show host Jakari Jackson and Eddie Craig from the Rule of Law website break it down in the videos. There would be no Department of Homeland Security or TSA if Vice President did not have his stand down order preventing US defense airplanes from intercepting hijacked planes on September 11th, 2001.

When police and others are listening to your phone calls, conversations in your home, surveillance footage, and your internet use they are taking ownership of you. I was told by police that I could be arrested and imprisoned for writing letters to the editor printed in newspapers and for proposing Civilian Oversight of Police. So the 1st Amendment does not apply in Connecticut and probably the rest of the country. [that story]

I co-founded the Stafford Springs Connecticut Crime Watch. Police Officer Fat Frank Prochaska told me he would arrest me if I spoke at meetings or if I proposed laws that helped youth go good, not bad, because that interupted the revenue collection system of police, town hall, the state, the courts, and especially lawyers. So, he arrested me for having my ear bitten into by a drug dealer who then punched me several times in the face. The felon drug dealer Peter Panciera did not want me getting in the way of heroin and crack cocaine sales to adults and children. The police did not want me interfering with prostitution, vandalism, strong armed robberies, drug dealing, their rackets, and criminal schemes. Cops ran the crime and farmed their crops.

Before 9/11 cops listened to my phone calls and trolled my internet use. I found out that police were out to set up, arrest, and confiscate the property of the self-employed, gun owners, and the outspoken.

Officers would mock the content of my phone calls and internet use and would bang on my door, often after midnight, harassing me, chanting, "Oh Stevie boy, oh Stevie boy". Fat Frank Prochaska blocked me from going to work by not allowing me to drive out of my driveway. I thought he was going to start physically beating me for feeding my wife macaroni and cheese because it contained butter and butter is fattening. My then wife was a model when I met her while traveling Europe. [Picture of her in this post]

Fat Frank later assaulted me and then arrested me. I was later railroaded to prison losing my family, contracting business, rental properties everything. Tax dollars were used to take a taxpayer, homeowner, and family raising man offline. If this policy to use tax dollars to reduce the taxpaying population, does that make sense?

If it costs up to $50,000 per person to collect and store all the information collected from spying on citizens and everyone everywhere even in other countries is being spied on, does that make sense if that it costs more in a year to spy on people than people make in the same year? Why is the US Government spending trillions of tax dollars to build underground bases, roads, and cities for them and international bankers and corporate organized crime? Why aren't these trillions being used on us who pay taxes for our use, college educations, roads, and public transportation and projects above ground. DHS and TSA are set up to steal trillions from you. The Connecticut State Police have an intelligence unit. Did they send special officers to shoot children in a school in Newtown, Connecticut, called Sandyhook to blame a patsy and end the 2nd Amendment? The Connecticut State Police have proven to me, Steven G. Erickson that the 1st Amendment is not protected and does not apply in the US, and especially in the state of Connecticut.

All out spying is not to make you safer, it is to rip you off. International bankers and corporate organized crime run the show offshore. It is war. You are the victims.

Steven G. Erickson has questions for Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy [click here]

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