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100% Surveillance to target you by race or occupation?

There is more to the NSA Spy Program. It started before 9/11 and it involves police using informants and technology to rip you off, enslave you, use you, and for them to make money by taking your assets, property, and cash using information obtained by spying on you. Our government run from the outside is now getting a piece of this action in a big way.

I bought a house in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, with my wife in 1994. I had met her in Europe and she was a former lingerie model. [picture and story].

I found out that special contractors were putting up surveillance cameras and microphones on telephone poles around town in the mid 1990's. I was told by a fireman, Bruce Brown, who told me that he was FBI that if I said anything to anyone about the program I would be put in prison and never get out.

I noticed that total surveillance actually increased crime, vandalism, prostitution, heroin and cocaine dealing, home break ins, contributed to the delinquency of minors, harmed the economy, families, children, etc.

I wrote Connecticut US Senator Chris Dodd about police harming families, small business, and acting as organized crime. Connecticut State Police then came to my house and told me if I did not shut up I would take my last ride in a cruiser trunk in handcuffs with my teeth kicked out. Dodd was was on the Senate Banking Committee taking bribes from international bankers to screw you out of your tax dollars and your entire way of life. I also contacted Governor John G. Rowland's office. Rowland and the head of DCF was taking bribes from organized crime to take as many kids away from families and to put as many children and adults as possible in prison. The Tomaso family was allegedly trying to help Rowland make "Kiddie Max" prison for children a national chain. Organized crime could build, supply, and help run facilities for federal tax dollars.

Even before all of the above, "Fat Frank" Prochaska a Stafford Springs Constable was infatuated with my wife. He would comment on what I had for dinner the night before, the content of my emails, telephone calls, and contents of my credit card and debit card statements. Fat Frank came on my property and started slamming me into my house, assaulting me saying I did not deserve my wife. Neighbors were soon witnessing what was going on. He told me I was "resisting". I had done nothing wrong so he did not arrest me for that incident. Vandals told me they were allowed to sell drugs on my property because they worked for Fat Frank. They were supposed to tell Fat Frank if I had any beer while barbecuing and run to a payphone if I got in my pickup and took a drive.

I had no record and figured I could clean up the police by becoming one. I found out from Connecticut State Police Officers and LT Trapp of the Stafford Springs Connecticut Police Department that I could become a police officer by breaking into legal gun owners houses and steal their guns or help set them up for arrests then gun confiscation. This was all before 9/11. Police also wanted me to beat up big mouth citizens and help them ruin the self-employed and small business owners who were not organized crime, police, lawyer, or town hall affiliated. Fat Frank told me if I interfered with the revenue collection system of police, lawyers, and the town I would end up in prison or murdered.

I refused to break laws, lie, and commit perjury for police.

Peter J. Coukos a crackhead, alcoholic, who is also a bi-polar psychopath who amazingly maintained good credit was allegedly offered help in getting a gun permit and dibs on my property for sexually harassing my then 14 year old daughter, assaulting me, and helping Connecticut State Police kick me out of Connecticut for having a big mouth. I alerted the FBI [text here]. The FBI seems to be part of the problem, not the solution.

What is my point?

Well 100% Domestic Spying does not work to make you safer. It makes you less safe, it harms children, families, home ownership, the economy, and our American way of life. Police can target young girls for sex and exploitation. Police can target boyfriends and husbands for prison if they want their target's significant other. Police can profit from crime, prostitution, drug dealing, illegal gambling, murder-for-hire, extortion, break ins, and other crimes.

I worked decades to raise a family, own a home, have rental properties, build a contracting business, and save for my retirement. Fat Frank lived with his mother and was infatuated with my wife. Prosecutor Keith Courier allegedly got just one session of oral sex from prostitute Lana Thompson who had moved into one of my apartments, breaking in, changing the locks, and making me pay her living expenses. I was soon paying about $2000 a month in expenses for police and prosecutors to have free sex with prostitutes. I wanted no sex from the prostitutes. So, I don't know if I lost my daughter, family, home, rental properties, dog, cat, retirement, credit, contracting business, health insurance and the sum total of my life for refusing to pay for free sex for cops and prosecutors, or for having a big mouth.

Do you pay taxes to live in a country that may do the same thing to you as they did to me. Should anyone who is self-employed, owns a small business, or gets mouthy about police, town hall, lawyer, or government crime be railroaded to prison, be beaten up by informants, or even be covertly murdered for being outraged?

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The Connecticut State Police aren't just about brutality, they are also about taking pictures of dead African Americans laying on sidewalks to then drop watermelon rinds and buckets of fried chicken to then add captions to send racist emails to each other:

Ritt Goldstein exposed rigged courts and gross police misconduct to Connecticut judiciary committed legislators at a special legislative hearing, December 1996. Should police be able to kick in doors and kidnap citizens to beat and torture them in abandoned waterfront warehouses? Should a mayor have drunk police officers drinking beer on his property, throwing beer bottles up on his porch, and slapping police union bumper stickers on his car? Ritt Goldstein fled to Sweden seeking political asylum after making [this video].

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