Sunday, April 7, 2013

To a friend about the current state of Connecticut & our Country

I sent the below email text to a friend about the current state of Connecticut and our Country:

the system is beyond corrupt. A profit is made by lawyers, judges, the officials, and their organized crime friends to break up families and rip off a citizen's last dollar.

If you have a small farm the state is out to take it. Share a cow for milk or meat with a neighbor and maybe get worse treatment than a drug dealer.

Own a small business or be self-employed, the police meet at roll call to figure out how  put you out of business and how to target, harass, arrest, and financially ruin you.

Own a gun, and if you aren't connected, the system wants to take it, your kids, your house, and your job.

Have kids, the state wants to process them and/or take them away from you and then take all that your have. The State wants more divorces for more money and power. Lawyers are legislators. Lawyers legislate themselves more money and more power. They are pretty much immune from audits, investigations, and prosecution. Civil lawsuits against lawyers go nowhere almost 100% of the time.

Own property or a home, the police, state, and their organized crime friends want to take it from you.

Have an independent mind and share your thoughts with others, the police, the state, organized crime, and the international corporate whore media wants you silenced, financially ruined, your reputation ruined, you beaten up, jailed, or even murdered.

Police asked me to go against my own kind to be a police officer back in the mid 1990's. I learned their game plan. The system is not to serve us, it is to serve us up to international organized crime and for the UN Agenda 21 population control and removal.

I, myself, Steven G. Erickson, have asked a completely corrupt system for justice. Remain silent after speaking out and they toast you even worse.

My letter to Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy with other links:

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