Monday, February 4, 2013

UN/Central Bank Pre-9/11 Planned Takeover of US

Pre-9/11 police were looking to infiltrate towns, not enforce laws.

I was asked to be a police informant in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, in the 1990's. Gunshot detector microphones and surveillance cameras were illegally being strung from telephone poles back then. The gunshot microphones were actually for recording all conversations within a 100'.

Police were taking inventory of property, guns, assets, and young attractive girls.

Informants were to inform on families so they were processed through the system. In most cases it was just to run citizens through the court system so lawyers make money. Sometime people lost their homes, their children, and even ended up in prison based on police perjury, false reports, and informants lying in statements.

Police were also illegally looking to disarm as many honest citizens as possible. Small business owners, non-Mafia rental property owners, and leaders who were not affiliated with police/lawyers/Town Hall were to be targeted for arrest, property loss, job loss, family breakup, and prison time.

I refused to lie and steal for police, so they used informants to railroad me to prison. [That Story]

My thoughts expanded on in posts and uploaded video. [click here]

Word search my name, Steven G. Erickson

Love, or hate, Alex Jones, if he gets killed or jailed, he is the canary in the coalmine.

I think the Newtown Connecticut Sandyhook Schoolyard shooting is a hoax

Connecticut State Police lie, file false reports, and commit perjury with immunity. I reported Stephen Weatherwax and Kenny Miers (spelling?) to Connecticut State Police for illegally being armed and either selling heroin or crack cocaine. Both were contributing to the delinquency of minors, a felony. Kenny raped a 14 year old at drug and alcohol party. Cops were not after the armed criminals they were after me and other home owning, taxpaying, working, parents.

I told Stafford Springs, Connecticut, State Senator, Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo about police refusing to protect and serve, and about the armed criminal drug dealers being protected by police. I then was arrested and Guglielmo knew I went to prison for telling on cops, by meeting with him. Guglielmo did nothing and covered up for the Connecticut State Police and Connecticut judicial misconduct. Reporting [this] to the FBI has resulted in no questions of me being asked, ever.

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