Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Useful Dangerous Idiots

Those who are bi-polar, who are on psychotropic drugs, or who are addicted to narcotics or alcohol are useful idiots for police. It is about revenue collection, property confiscation, skimming drug dealer profits, and getting kickbacks from lawyers and judges for putting citizens through the system. Crime is farmed, not solved.

I reported and named names of the teens who were in "The Diaper Gang" who were robbing citizens and beating their victims with baseball bats for months. The crimes went "unsolved" by Stafford Springs, Connecticut, State and town police.

The teens came out of the bushes and were going to beat me with bats. I had chased one of the drug dealers out of my house when he chased me in my house with his gun drawn so they thought I might have a gun, I didn't, but their thinking I did, meant I didn't get my head beaten in with a bat. Police refused to investigate these teens as they had a business relationship with the teen thugs. Informants were told who the gun and small business owners were on the secret police target lists. They were constantly up to no good, so that is why I believe the Sandy Hook Newtown, Connecticut, schoolyard shooting smells funny.

I don't have a gun anymore so I don't hike or take walks as I did when I had a pistol permit. Dangerous idiots who are on Big Pharma dangerous drugs are being used to abuse you at your tax dollar expense.

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