Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Placed in CT Gov Malloy's Email Webform:

Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy website.

Executive Branch Steven Spellman police liaison to legislators told elected officials that they were not allowed to vote on Civilian Oversight of police legislation. Spellman told police I was going to wish I was never born for doing that. I was told by Connecticut State Police that I was kicked out of Connecticut, and if I did not leave I would lose my daughter, my properties, my contracting business, and spend the rest of my life in prison. Ritt Goldstein also proposed similar legislation and he was so terrorized he fled Connecticut to Sweden seeking political asylum. Since courts are rigged and I was railroaded to prison for being threatened, stalked for weeks, and then attacked on my properties by a felon druggie police informant. Courts are rigged. I would like my debilitating criminal record be expunged as I broke no laws. Since police are part of the executive branch, I would like compensation. I have lost everything due to Police misconduct. My daughter has nothing to do with me since I was railroaded to prison and that loss is beyond any financial compensation. I was put on the CT Police Enemies List and I was told that they are not allowing me to date, appear in public, and are still out to harm me. Can you let me know that they have at least rescinded the "No-Dating" policy on me in retaliation for my breaking off a relationship with CT informant Barbara Sattal? Please ask Colonel Davoren if that is still in place. Word search my name, or look for information here:









stevengerickson At yahoo.com

The head of Troop C Tolland, Connecticut State Police, told me I would not be a target of police if I was not a contractor and landlord. He told me, "All contractors are drunks", and "All landlords are slumlords" and that anyone who lodges complaints against police officers should get a lethal injection in prison. I was told by Sam Izzarelli [post] that I was going to prison before the rigged trial. So, courts in Connecticut, and probably all over the US are rigged. It is okay for police to tell citizens they will kill them for free speech and harass and terrorize them 24/7. Sgt Fox, now probably Captain or Major also threatened me for having made a Connecticut State Police misconduct and brutality complaint. Fox said when I complain about any one officer, I am complaining against all officers and that won't be tolerated.

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Disarm the American Dumpster Divers


Do international bankers want to prevent Americans from growing their own gardens? Should Americans who grow gardens be arrested and get time in prison? [story]


MikeR said...

Steve, your story has been noticed in high places downunder in Auckland, NZ

Nihil bastardatum carborundum

Don't let the baskets grind you down


PS After they find this post, I guess I'll see ya inside...

The_SRV said...

Mike R,
thanks for stopping by.

Cigarettes have a warning label.

I never knew just benignly contacting US elected officials asking questions, and asking for help, would result in my name, address, what I drive, and where I work being given to police at roll call to end my curiosity with arrest, family loss, home loss, job loss, prison, and then "being taught a lesson".

I was not raped in prison, but they should not have left me alive ...

P.S. Mike, you won't see me on the inside, you will see me in the proverbial bunker. Keep up the good fight.