Monday, January 14, 2013

Andrew J. McDonald, Corrupt Insider for Judge?

Joint Committee on Judiciary                               January 14, 2013
Room 2500,
Legislative Office Building
Hartford, CT 06106
Phone: 860-240-0530 FAX 860-240-0196

To Whom It May Concern on the Connecticut Judiciary Committee:

I wish to ask that Andrew J. McDonald not be confirmed as a Connecticut Justice to the Connecticut Judicial Branch.

I wish that McDonald be investigated for receiving funds, either he himself, or his significant other, for political favors.

I have witnessed Andrew McDonald representing the interests of lawyers, police, and the operators of the judiciary when he was a legislator. It shows where his loyalties lie, and they aren’t with the people. If McDonald did not act when citizens testified about police brutality and judicial misconduct, and then asks no questions, that is telling.

I believe that in an interview I did with Michael Nowacki of New Canaan, which is on seems to accuse McDonald, and/or his significant other, taking 100’s of thousands of dollars, or even millions in no-bid contracts for favors for the Connecticut Executive Branch and/or the current Connecticut Governor.

If an individual can pander to special interests and meander around each of the 3 branches, this political insider will slime the Connecticut Government further as being perceived as being even sleazier.

I am going to post links to what I am talking about in an internet blog post with today’s date, here:

Should anyone become a judge who is being appointed as a political favor? Should the appointment then be considered some sort of bribe or future expectation of ruling for those who helped with the nomination?

Please act for the people of Connecticut. I was run out of Connecticut against my will because the Executive Branch, a Connecticut State Police Liaison to the police saw to it I was arrested, imprisoned, and then kicked out of Connecticut for having proposed Civilian Oversight of Police legislation. So, please consider the content of this letter for action and relief.

Thank you,              
Steven G. Erickson
PO Box (Eight Seven Four)
Brattleboro, VT 05302
(Eight Zero Two) 490 3559

The below should be the Michael Nowacki interview that I am talking about:

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[click here] for pictures, video, and text of Steven G. Erickson on the Secret Connecticut State Police Enemies Arrest on sight Target List.

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Bill Mulready said...

Hi all, I had no idea of the meeting for Judge confirmations, and I also had no way of getting there and or back, and or paying someone for their gas never the mind for their time and pleasures. Hope someone made very clear Judge Quinn's discrimination and non compliance guidance away from ADA access to all individuals and faults for not providing ADA Compliance AS WELL AS for her cover ups.

I did put out to all last week about this upcoming Judicial ADA Access Committee intake due Feb 1 2013. Like 2 weeks away. I believe it very important that anyone effected by the non compliance of the Judicial Branch to Title II of the ADA to address BOTH, the illegal activity of the Committee holding hearings and taking input from all individuals EXCEPT those with complaints of pass discrimination; and to make your individual grievance(s) addressed as well, either as an individual, as a group, or both.
Title II prohibits this Access Committee from going forward with Feb 1 as they outline. If voices remain silent, or you chose to "obay" unchecked and without question this cover up illegal activity, shame on you. Your future arguments may still get your agenda results, but it will take more effort and more time.

FYI, this access committee is pushing that your case has or will be decided in the Courts and as such they can not comment. That is both a false statement overall and in direct conflict with both the Findings and Purpose of the ADA and Title II in particular. Your individual case's in Court for the most part have MERIT only to the specific argument(s) brought by Plaintiff/Defendant. By that I mean for example; Divorce matters, Custody Matters, Property settlement matters, Paying Attorney fee Matters, DCF Matters, Driving violation Matters and the issues involved. Those issues as stand alone are not properly handled by this Access Committee. However;

The Non Compliance of the Judicial Branch to Title II of the ADA, is a seperate discrimination matter; that this Committee has been charged with making compliant. The fact of discrimination, or non compliance, or probability of discrimination or faulty judgements is a Due Process Violation in and of itself. These violations strongly suggest judgements entered are faulty, are required to be overturned and or retried. That is what your input at this Feb 1 date is so important.

To those of you with BLOGS, that reach out to many, INCLUDING outside of Connecticut, PLEASE I BEG you to have each file three complaints, that I will attempt to write so that they need only put their name on it, One to the Judicial Branch itself, one to the Appellate Court, and one to the USDOJ and or this Lisa Perkins. If any of you think or know of more please identify and make EASY availability to the proper contact info. Bloggers include those with TV or Internet or radio shows or who rutienlly input to such. The Non Compliance of Title II by the CT Judicial Branch is a Discrimination against every person in America as any one of them could someday, or has allready had a matter in CT Courts.

Please help

Thank you all and as always;

Yours For Barrier Free Courts With Sober And Honest Judges

Bill Mulready