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"Getting Made" in the Cop Mafia?

Image of a Satanic early 1900's style cop eating a citizen explanation and source [found in this blog post].

I watched a movie starring Kevin Bacon not too long ago. Bacon was a high powered executive, who lived in  a posh suburban neighborhood, and had a gifted high school athlete son. They passed two cars with their lights off in a downtown Los Angeles type neighborhood. After dark, flashing your lights back, makes you their mark. That allegedly is part of gang initiation. A newbie then has to randomly kill the occupant of that car to get made into the gang.

Have you seen the movie, "Good Fellas," about traditional Mafia and, "Getting Made", meaning becoming a, "Made Man," a full member of the Mafia with special rank and privileges?

Well, cops have their own Mafia.

They have their own sub-Mafia called state registered confidential informants. The Cop Mafia is about profit, power, intimidation, terrorizing the citizenry, collecting protection money, taking property from the rightful owners, eliminating other gang and legitimate business competition, elimination of rivals of their bosses, beating people up, official kidnapping and indefinite detention without hearings, torture, rape, prostitution, fencing stolen goods, illegal gambling, sports betting, loan sharking, manufacturing narcotics, poisons, testing experimental lethal and torture weapons, White Sexual Slavery, and Murder-for-Hire.

To be made into the Cop Mob, a recruit need only make a blantantly false police report on an innocent citizen. Cops routinely commit perjury on the stand, armed, in uniform, to help rig juries to railroad innocent citizens to prison. Cops have to get wet to be accepted into the gang. They have to get wet to be trusted. Officers fear becoming victims to the Blue Wall of Silence as much as they are willing to stay on their own team. Break silence and an officer will be arrested, discharged from police, face prison, be publicly humiliated, and his friends and families will be harassed, terrorized, and made to have bad luck for life. Rich Murzin died without seeing justice for himself or his family. Murzin arrested a Mafia heroin dealer against his Hartford, Connecticut, Police Captain's wishes.

The problem is that you pay taxes to international organized crime to take out other taxpayers to reduce the tax base, to break up families, reduce home ownership, harm the US economy, harm children, and cause formerly productive citizens to be locked away in prisons at taxpayer expense, at least $75/inmate/day.

Connecticut State Trooper Amaral "got made" by committing perjury in Rockville (Vernon GA#19) Superior Court.

I have testified under oath and signed a police misconduct complaint, so it is public record, not slander. [Text of Complaint]

Note: links no longer work in above post.

After testifying live on C-TV, Connecticut official government channel, in front of the Connecticut Judiciary Committee (Legislators) saying that if you do a word search on "Connecticut Governor John G. Rowland", "Connecticut State Police Brutality", or "Connecticut Judicial Misconduct", my posts would come up # 1 or #2 if you are doing a word search. servers fried multiple times down in the Atlanta area of Georgia soon after my live television appearance in Hartford. Over 5000 posts suddenly were unavailable. Two of my laptops, a friends lap tops, and two residential home electrical systems of associates of mine had power surges and/or had their computers fry too.

Amaral, and two, or more uniformed and armed Connecticut State Police Officers committed perjury on the stand saying I never tried to make a complaint 10-11-01, or make a statement, after he jumped me in my dark driveway, pulled a knife, and demanded money from me saying he would kill me. This is after the felon had threatened my life for weeks, stalking me, telling my tenants he would kill me when he caught me out on my property AND left me a voicemail saying he would kill me when I got home that police refused to listen to and then committed perjury on the stand.

Amaral seemed very conflicted, visually, and did a very poor job of committing perjury on the stand.

It has been about 10 years and I still cannot shut up to save my life. So, obviously the 3 or 4 officers committed perjury on the stand. Perjury and false reports of officers is not investigated. Informants can be used to make false reports, set up targets, to beat and even murder police targets. I made a police misconduct complaint and the Trooper taking my complaint, LT Whack (sp?), threatened me with retaliation for lodging the complaint. He may have been of a higher rank. 

Ritt Goldstein proposed Civilian Oversight of Police Legislation to elected officials in the State of Connecticut at about the same time I did. He got attacked on his property and was arrested. Ritt was so terrorized by police after making the video at bottom of post, he fled to Sweden seeking political asylum. Terrorists in our lives don't wear turbans, they wear blue. 

It costs you if someone like me who had health insurance, was raising his own daughter, owned a home, had a contracting business built over two decades, and potentially could have retired comfortably at 55, who used to buy new cars and spent a lot of money, could now be a taxpayer burden, not contributor.

Heroin and Cocaine being more concentrated, cheaper, and more available than ever has to do with the Cop Mafia as does having a prison population that is a larger percentage than ever as well citizens becoming homeless, addicted, burdens on the health care system, dying early, not being part of their own families, needing to be housed, fed, and cared for whereas they would have been contributors.

Does this make sense?

Unpacking my "In case I become homeless again, kit", is the reason I wrote this post. A video of that:

Text with video:

I could not find a job after getting out of jail in Connecticut for having pepper sprayed a mugger who attacked me on my property. I had no previous record and the judge who sentenced me to prison did not send a criminal who raped a 3 year old to prison. [that story] Yes, there is more to the story. I had a wife a fat police officer who lived with his mother wanted for himself. I, like Ritt Goldstein, proposed Civilian Oversight of Police in the State of Connecticut. Ritt Goldstein was also attacked on his property and then arrested. Ritt Goldstein fled to Sweden seeking political asylum being so terrorized by police after making [this video].

[This post] tells more of my story with pictures, video, etc. Scroll to bottom of post.

I used Jim Beam Whiskey to brush my teeth and to keep meat preserved in jars. Eating something with a lot of fiber last thing, made things easier in the morning ... cleaner too. I was too angry to freeze to death. Before ending up in the woods almost freezing to death in the woods in Vermont, I had made over $2500 per week after taxes as an insurance adjuster. Having a criminal and prison record got me fired from that job.

Lots more links to go with this post [found here]

My lawyer, Michael H. Agranoff, who acted as the 2nd prosecutor, said the judge told him to throw my case, or else, sent me a bill for over $17,000. I was entitled to a first offenders program, for $100, called "AR" or Accelerated Rehabilitation, where I would not have to report to a probation officer and my charges would be erased in a year. That lawyer did not get me a program I was entitled to. I would still have my contracting business and family, had he served me, not the Cop Mafia, state, and himself. .


The current governor of Connecticut, Dannel P. Malloy's son allegedly had numerous drug convictions and who was on probation and allegedly was arrested again for being part of an armed robbery, received no jail time. I pepper sprayed a mugger on my own property, after being beaten, stalked and terrorized for weeks, legally defending myself against a knife wielding police informant. I had no previous record and got sentenced to a year in prison for my "offense against society" which really was just simple police retaliation for free speech and for proposing legislation the police union did not like. Will Malloy look into my case, ask me questions, and offer remedy and compensation? I say probably not.

There is no monetary compensation for not ever hearing, "I love you", or "Daddy" from one's own daughter ever again. My daughter has said neither to me since my release from prison. My little sister and father may never talk to me again. I may never see them alive again. I may never meet my own grandchildren. I will never own a home again. I will never get a cat or dog again while living in the US, as mine were given away after I was railroaded to prison. I lost the sum total of my life's work. Police targeting me might have to do with an overweight and dim witted Stafford Springs, Connecticut, police officer who became infatuated with my wife who would not give him the time of day. "Fat Frank" as he was known told me that if I did not leave Connecticut quietly in 1995, or so, he would arrest me. He did as I was not quiet and then did not leave.

Stafford Springs Constable John Desso, who was also head of the guards of the prison I was released from told me upon my release that I was kicked out of Connecticut, and if I did not shut up and leave the state, I would spend the rest of my life in prison. I then left Connecticut, but fear for my life whenever I am in Connecticut and have been threatened and harassed by Massachusetts State Troopers who may have license plate scanners pull me over and then contact the Connecticut State Police.

I was so angry in prison clumps of my hair fell out and when I was held up against the bathroom wall by two African American inmates for the head of the block to a huge Caucasian armed car robber to rape me, I asked him if he wanted to keep his remaining eye. He had lost one eye during an armored car heist near Boston. I was dropped to the floor, faced the head of the block, and he did not rape me and would not fight me, so to the sure-grin of Connecticut Bergin CI Prison Guards, I ran my block until my release.

The Cop Gang of Thugs, costs you too, every single minute of every day. Anyone can be their victim. Rape victim of police officers have to fear retaliation, beatings, more rapes, torture, prison, and even being murdered for lodging a complaint against officers which probably won't be investigated anyway. 

Before 9/11, at a public hearing, Norwalk, Connecticut, Mayor Bill Collins talks about police officers wearing ski masks abducting citizens to torture them at abandoned waterfront warehouses. He also talks about police throwing their empty beer bottles on his porch slapping police union bumper stickers on his car:

I would have embedded videos to this post, but suddenly they do not embed to the videos I intend to post. I no longer believe blogs on blogger will stay. I no longer believe that will be viable to express free speech in the future.

Corporations rule the day. Is that okay with you?

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Steven G. Erickson (PO Box Eight Seven Four, Brattleboro, VT 05302 USA) can be reached at:

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[click here] for post containing the below pictures:

My former wife, I, Steven G. Erickson in Florida in some time 1994 to 1996 

Steven G. Erickson in 2001 before being a victim on Connecticut's "Target List"

Police told me that they did not wanting me having a Corvette and did not wanting me dating any women. Police followed me around, sometimes 2 cruisers at a time to enforce their "No Dating Policy" on me. An owner of a pizza and delivery restaurant who is not white, was run out of business and out of town for dating White girls and women that Connecticut State Police figured they had dibs on. [more]


MikeR said...

I bet you have more of a hunch than most folk on why TPTB chose Connecticut State to raise the effing-phony Sandy Hook flag...

The_SRV said...

What is TPTB?

Yes, I watched as 3 and most likely 4 Connecticut State Police Officers armed, and in uniform, committed perjury on the stand saying I never asked make a complaint against my assailant. I can't shut up to save my life. I called, asked, went to elected officials all asking that the guy who attacked me and came after me 7 more times be arrested and prosecuted.

They lie, lie, lie and I think the Connecticut police have more practice than most lying and filing bogus reports.

Yes, Connecticut would probably be the best state to stage a mass shooting and have police on board to lie. Sandy Hook, Newtown school shooting is timely suspicious.

MieR said...

The_SRV will no doubt have come across MikeR's verbosity on Paul Craig Roberts' excellent Agenda article on OpEdNews ... as I follow your own EXCELLENT posts...just don't hide them behind a cloak quite so distractingly red FGS *grin*

Hey, thinking of your love of conspiratorial coppery, you will LOVE the jury's findings against the Chicago Polite Mafiosi if you haven't already read it



The Stark Raving Viking said...

Phone # above for Steven G. Erickson no longer good. Address, however, is still good.