Thursday, November 15, 2012

The "Nixon Plan" for Obama?

The below is the text I placed in [this] post about Obama:

There are ebbs and flows of an ocean wave of just how much people will take. The large body of water has pulled back to about the maximum, and the wave is about to come forward to the beach. US Atty Gen. Eric Holder and Obama are involved in the covert smuggling of guns to Mexican Drug gang using, or allowing, or initiating, "Fast and Furious" where murders were expected to occur. So both are either allegedly guilty of murders, accessory to murder, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice, take your pick.

[This] is what they do to people who are educated and bring proof on paper.

If the CIA is using US Embassies, like in Libya, to illegally detain citizens and for torture, who are the real terrorists? US citizens in large numbers are calling "BS".

This nation is one big "Policing for Profit" scam with rigged courts. Police will ignore bank robbers, rapists, and criminals to further their revenue collecting, property confiscation, and heroin and cocaine dealing scams.

There needs to be a Nixon type prosecution and impeachment/removal of Obama. The NDAA is treason. Eric Holder needs to be in a jail cell for public safety. I swear and expound here.

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The below is the text I placed in [this] post:

electronic hobbling

Cows were allegedly hit in fields such as in New Brunswick Canada. Back in 2006 I talked with Werner from New Brunswick. Kathleen Dickson showed me pictures of cows that seemed to be partially cook out on their hoofs missing their eyeballs, organs, and genitals like they had been autopsied after microwave weapons testing. Werner's German accent is apparent, even though he has been in Canada from sometime after WWII.

Hitting citizens in their hands, feet, shoulders, elbows, knees, causes severe pain, loss of range of movement, and the injuries are unexplained as a person needs to be taken care of, ending protest, resistance, and ability to function. Making others have to care for a fallen individual saps energy from the whole. That is a common military tactic for centuries.

Werner talks about 39 minutes in the below video. He does not talk about that events of his cows being zapped out in his fields, however.

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