Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Money Grubbing Municipalities?

Excerpt [from here]:

In Massapequa Park, N.Y., an unkempt lawn can wallop your wallet. The town passed an ordinance in June that says if your lawn isn't cut, you can face a $250 to $1,000 fine for the first offense, $2,500 for the second and up to $10,000 for the third offense. Town officials said they passed the law to maintain home prices and keep residents healthy. Poorly maintained lawns are also a problem with foreclosed homes. A man in Arlington, Texas, was fined earlier this year for not mowing the lawn of a home he had been evicted from due to foreclosure.

Leave your car running in New York City pay a couple to a few thousand dollar in fines for a matter of a less than a minute. Is the "offense" so alarming to the public that the fine is justified or is it money grubbing officials in Town Hall out of hand? Is having to pay a $10,000 fine if your grass is considered too long my a some Town Hall jackass? In a time where many people do not have the money to buy a cup of coffee out, are these fines something that you are willing to put up with?

If not, do something.

I used to have rental properties. A South Boston town will fine $100, then $300, for arbitrary noise or yelling. If you have tenants there is no way to control them as police will not help and "civil matters" in court is just an act of futility. Getting a fine for swearing or interfering with a butterfly shows just how out of hand the official money grubbers have gotten.
Have a wife that a fat cop, who is living with his mother, wants, go to prison, I did.


34 States Have Petitions to Secede from UN's US? [post]

Smedley Butler, the most decorated US Veteran of that time, expose an attempted Coup by international bankers and corporate pirates:

[Click here for Steven G. Erickson's phone number, scroll down]

UN/Corporate Peon, not US Veteran?

Text with video:

I. Steven G. Erickson, got asked today if I have thanked a US Veteran for my freedom. I was so angry I could crap my pants, but I decided to let go here on a Your Say. [Click here for links to more of what I am talking about, scroll down in post]

Are soldiers and US veterans just being used as slaves and medical experiments by international organized crime, bankers and corporate pirates?

Why not word search the NDAA, Smedley Butler, forgotten founding father James Wilson, the Patriot Act,, Martial Law, Aaron Russon, the US Police State, SOPA, PIPA, and if you are in New York, New Jersey, parts of Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland, and other states hit by Hurricane Sandy, you know first hand about the lying puppets of international organized crime called "The US Government".

Is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA something that lawyers and judges use in their paperwork which really is a foreign corporation because it is capitalized and considered another entity by them? [more]

Would you like to know where DHS Homeland Security Fusion Centers are so you know after you are sent to FEMA Camp? [US locations, click here]

The UN can set up check points in the US, called "Choke Points" as they may own the Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, Independence Hall in Pennsylvania, and about 98% of "public land" and probably you too. [post]

And yes, the TSA molests children ...

Do you as a UN Slave called a US Citizen want to sign a petition to secede from the Union? It is probably an issue in 34 States with the possibility of Texas and Maine getting the highest percentages of signatures. has an annoying pop up. It is where great minds go to write and read. Rob Kall has a wonderful website, too bad he turns off first time visitors with an annoying pop up you can click out of once for the day. [ piece on 34 States and the petition to secede] from UN International Corporate Bankster Organized Crime

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