Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Police Issue Ski Masks?

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It has been two to three weeks for me, milling over whether, or not, I would post this story.

Police Officers showed up in department issued ski masks, somewhere here in New England. It says their police department name as a black and dark gray patch on the forehead of the ski mask. Two officers approached me in the parking lot, and I figured it was all she wrote for me. I don't want to mention the town, or state, as I hate to get threatened pulled over by police, to find somewhere else to live, something else to drive, and a new job, out of a police harassment zone.

Now back to the story, the mother of the suspect and his young adult friend were in the vicinity so I was left alone by police thugs wearing ski masks. Officers did approach me in a menacing manner, and I felt I would be arrested and an excuse would be made up later. The young adult allegedly reported a month ago by his ex-girlfriend for obtaining prescription drugs without a prescription. I can picture the "suspect" riding a skateboard. He is skinny, shy, and seems to pose no real threat.

Is it necessary for police to show up in ski masks with no identifying badge number, or showing their face? Should this be routine policing we should all get used to?

They tore up the young adult's apartment. What might should be a fine, or 30 days in rehab, might now be 5 to 15 year prison sentence and ruined life for the suspect. We the people pay for this, should we? If politicians like Bill and Hilliary Clinton, are partially responsible for heroin and cocaine trafficking, should citizens who use their products be punished so severely? [video about Clintons] What is the Clinton body count for dead citizens who knew too much? Check the video link. Reagan, George H. W. Bush, etc are as big scum drug lords as the Clintons.

Citizens who are in the way of official drug smuggling can be targets. [post]

Officers know they can rob, rape, assault, terrorize, abduct, kidnap, and even murder when they are wearing ski masks. The beta test for some of this may have happened in Norwalk, Connecticut, and other cities, pre-9/11. Officers would terrorize a mayor (Bill Collins), throw their beer bottles on the mayor's porch, put their police union bumper stickers on the mayor's car and home, and would abduct/kidnap citizens while wearing ski masks to torture and terrorize them at abandoned waterfront warehouses:

International bankers and corporate pirates want you to go to jail for paying cash for a lawnmower at a neighbor's tag sale. [Opednews.com post]

Who is making laws for whom? Who has to obey laws made? Well, the makers seem to be above the law.

Getting rid of average people and small business owners using Eminent Domain:

Russell Means tells us how we are all the new Native Americans. How "Indians" were treated on reservations is the model our international banker and corporate owners will use to reduce our populations, rob us, enslave us, and murder us if we dare complain:

Steven G. Erickson, part of documentary, Lawless America, Bill Windsor, producer:

My recommendation to solve our armed occupation and lack of representation for our taxation problem would be to evict the UN from New York, stiff the Federal Reserve out of the pretend loans and interest we did not agree to, and to eliminate judges to be replaced by a people's grand jury.

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