Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Screenplay, "Well of Souls"

I have been working on a screenplay "Well of Souls".

I have a friend who has interviewed NASA Astronauts on the subject of being exposed to Alien curiosity while exploring space. David Icke seems to be talking along those lines [video embedded here].

Because I am exposed to a lot of "Conspiracy Theorists", I write, and even dream, somewhat in their color.

Yahoo News reported today, or yesterday, on an explanation of the UFO phenomena of flying saucers. Supposedly, now, it was just clumsy test aircraft based on a hovercraft that was supposed to outdo the ultimate Cold War Era spy aircraft. And my response is "Yeah Right!"

How would it be if camps of citizens who are disenfranchised, and are hanging out, are just mass tasered, where they can't move as hovercraft that are manned by US Homeland Security show up in craft that are the modern version of helicopters that showed up for military operations in the Vietnam War?

Well, police and their international organized corporate and banker friends showing up in a new War Zone, the USA, with their new toys is the subject of one of my new screenplay writing projects.

[This is my motivation for writing]

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