Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sexual Sadist Police State

I placed the below comment in this [ article written by Naomi Wolf]:

I could run the required distance, do push-up, sit ups, could always pass a drug screen, could then have passed the background check, and I inquired about becoming a Police Officer in the Stafford Springs, Connecticut, area as I was co-founder of a crime watch there in about 1994. What I found out since then is beyond belief.

Microphones and video cameras for illegal surveillance were being strung up pre-9/11. Police were after small business owners, gun owners, and the outspoken using their own organized criminal gang, police informants. These informants were encouraged to terrorize, beat up, set up, provide false statements, testimony in court, and even were asked to kill citizens paid with tax dollars. I found out that police before 9/11 listened in on phone calls and read emails illegally for retaliation, terrorizing citizens, and for sexual gratification.

An overweight, dim witted, no personality, thug who lived with his mother took a liking to my wife whom I met while I was traveling Europe. Officer nicknamed "Fat Frank" threatened me with arrest if I proposed legislation that interfered with the revenue collection system of lawyers, police, and the courts if I helped troubled youth go right. Fat Frank also told me I didn't deserve my wife, came over on my property and started slamming against my house and would have arrested me if there weren't witnesses. After I was divorced a woman I was dating was sexually assaulted twice on her way home by a State Police Officer. So, with new unlimited powers do you trust these sadistic thugs?

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