Monday, April 2, 2012

Lack of Policing

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Police can refuse to protect and serve. Police can and do just refuse to answer calls, refuse to enforce the laws, refuse to arrest criminals caught in the act of committing crimes. Their main duty is to protect the integrity of the system, confiscate property, levy undeclared taxes, and squash any resistance to international corporate/banker tyranny. Co-found a Crime Watch as I did in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and police will target those who are active as members of the Crime Watch.

Crime Watches interrupt the revenue collection system as one police officer told me. I had been asked to join the police as an informer to confiscate guns by telling lies, helping break up families telling lies and setting up honest citizens who were either vocal or had assets without political connections. I had expressed interest in being a police officer as I had a clean record, could run 2 miles without a problem, and was in shape. I did not want to join an organized crime organization, the policing and court system that I discovered, changing my life. If I knew an overweight police officer who lived with his mother and was infatuated with my wife would come and start bouncing me off the siding of my house on my property, telling me I didn't deserve my wife, I would have made other life choices as to not put myself at risk.

If police will pay tax dollars to hire thugs to beat up citizens and even kill them, citizens should be armed. I trust an honest citizen, armed, more than any Obama or George W. loving corporate/banker butt kissing armed revenue collector.

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