Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Brainwave/Computer Connection?

Google’s glasses are still in the prototype stage.

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The Next Step

I suggest readers view the probably now classic movie, "Serpico", the true life representation of a 1970's undercover narcotics police officer who tried to turn in NYC bad cops, but there was no one to turn bad cops into that isn't corrupt. Nothing has changed, except the organized criminals in world corporate/banking government now have amazing technology.

The glasses that are computerized and can capture all audio and video, 24/7 along with allowing wearer to see maps, read email, text, etc might eventually be able to capture and learn brainwaves. Feeding back brainwaves in could actually manufacture memories, allow and repress learning, and could be a brain/mainframe direct connection. A computer virus can kill any computer if it is set up right. Imagine if all of humanity was subject to a single computer virus taking us all out. That's "real special", right?

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A Rose-Colored View May Come Standard

Published: April 4, 2012

SAN FRANCISCO — Google on Wednesday offered a look at a previously secret project to develop Internet-connected glasses, staking out a lead position in a futuristic and fast-growing area known as wearable computing.

The glasses, which are still in a prototype stage, would place a small see-through display screen above a person’s eye that can show maps and other data. The wearer could use voice commands to, say, pull up directions or send a message to a friend.

Apple, a major Google rival, is also reportedly working on wearable computers. In April 2008, the company filed a patent for a head-mounted display system that showed glasses with screens.

But Google has amassed some of the leading experts in this field within Google X, a company lab responsible for such projects that was also something of a company secret before Wednesday.

Richard W. DeVaul, a former Apple engineer who specializes in wearable computers, left that company last year to join Google X. According to Mr. DeVaul’s Web site, he is now a “rapid evaluator,” working in a team at Google run by Astro Teller, who specializes in artificial intelligence and wearable devices.

Another Google employee, Babak Parviz, who is also an associate professor at the University of Washington, specializes in bio-nanotechnology, the fusion of biology and technology focused on manipulating atoms and molecules. He most recently built a contact lens with embedded electronics that form a miniature display — raising the possibility that Project Glass, as Google is calling the eyeglass effort, could become Project Contact Lens at some point.

“This puts Google out in front of Apple; they are a long ways ahead at this point,” said Michael Liebhold, a senior researcher specializing in wearable computing at the Institute for the Future in Palo Alto, Calif. “In addition to having a superstar team of scientists who specialize in wearable, they also have the needed data elements, including Google Maps.”

Mr. Liebhold said the prototype was “much less dorky-looking than all of the heads-up displays we’ve seen to date.” He added, “Of course it could be really annoying, but if it’s handled well, it could be a nice complement to reality."

Some more basic wearable computers are quickly becoming everyday products. Nike began selling a bracelet called the FuelBand earlier this year that tracks a person’s activity. A company called Jawbone sells a similar monitoring device called Up.

Motorola sells a head-mounted display device aimed at business use called the Golden-I, with the screen on an arm that hangs in front of the wearer’s face.

The design prototype Google unveiled Wednesday looks more like a well-designed pair of wraparound glasses — but with no actual glass in the frames. A person working on the project said Google was having its employees test out dozens of other designs, with the goal of giving outsiders access to an early version later this year.

Although some may salivate at the idea of these sci-fi toys, it is unclear whether people will want to wander the streets with a screen in their field of view.

Yet people who have seen and used working prototypes said there seemed to be a misconception that the glasses would interfere with daily life by bombarding wearers with information and distracting them from the real world.

One such person said: “They let technology get out of your way. If I want to take a picture, I don’t have to reach into my pocket and take out my phone; I just press a button at the top of the glasses, and that’s it.”

In a post on Google Plus, employees from Google X asked people for feedback on the project, which The New York Times first wrote about in February. “We’re sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input,” wrote Mr. Parviz, Steve Lee and Sebastian Thrun.

A video released by Google, shot from the perspective of a glasses-wearer, showed how the glasses might work. A man wanders the streets of Manhattan, communicating with friends, seeing maps and other information, and snapping pictures. At the end he plays the ukulele for a friend over a video link. [source]

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Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sexual Sadist Police State

I placed the below comment in this [ article written by Naomi Wolf]:

I could run the required distance, do push-up, sit ups, could always pass a drug screen, could then have passed the background check, and I inquired about becoming a Police Officer in the Stafford Springs, Connecticut, area as I was co-founder of a crime watch there in about 1994. What I found out since then is beyond belief.

Microphones and video cameras for illegal surveillance were being strung up pre-9/11. Police were after small business owners, gun owners, and the outspoken using their own organized criminal gang, police informants. These informants were encouraged to terrorize, beat up, set up, provide false statements, testimony in court, and even were asked to kill citizens paid with tax dollars. I found out that police before 9/11 listened in on phone calls and read emails illegally for retaliation, terrorizing citizens, and for sexual gratification.

An overweight, dim witted, no personality, thug who lived with his mother took a liking to my wife whom I met while I was traveling Europe. Officer nicknamed "Fat Frank" threatened me with arrest if I proposed legislation that interfered with the revenue collection system of lawyers, police, and the courts if I helped troubled youth go right. Fat Frank also told me I didn't deserve my wife, came over on my property and started slamming against my house and would have arrested me if there weren't witnesses. After I was divorced a woman I was dating was sexually assaulted twice on her way home by a State Police Officer. So, with new unlimited powers do you trust these sadistic thugs?

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Monday, April 2, 2012

Lack of Policing

I place the below comment in [this post]:

Police can refuse to protect and serve. Police can and do just refuse to answer calls, refuse to enforce the laws, refuse to arrest criminals caught in the act of committing crimes. Their main duty is to protect the integrity of the system, confiscate property, levy undeclared taxes, and squash any resistance to international corporate/banker tyranny. Co-found a Crime Watch as I did in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, and police will target those who are active as members of the Crime Watch.

Crime Watches interrupt the revenue collection system as one police officer told me. I had been asked to join the police as an informer to confiscate guns by telling lies, helping break up families telling lies and setting up honest citizens who were either vocal or had assets without political connections. I had expressed interest in being a police officer as I had a clean record, could run 2 miles without a problem, and was in shape. I did not want to join an organized crime organization, the policing and court system that I discovered, changing my life. If I knew an overweight police officer who lived with his mother and was infatuated with my wife would come and start bouncing me off the siding of my house on my property, telling me I didn't deserve my wife, I would have made other life choices as to not put myself at risk.

If police will pay tax dollars to hire thugs to beat up citizens and even kill them, citizens should be armed. I trust an honest citizen, armed, more than any Obama or George W. loving corporate/banker butt kissing armed revenue collector.

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