Monday, March 12, 2012

Nebulous NDAA truthdig Chris Hedges

The NDAA is really about the international corporate and banking elite not trusting any policing and courts inside the US to hold the line. Yes, you the American police officer, the bankers say they can't trust you. YOU are going to camp with us. The US Military is under their control. So, even if these bankers have to hire North Korea to bring in their army into America, Americans will be under these bankers control. That is why we now have the NDAA. Obama is about the NDAA. Mittens Romney is about the NDAA. You, we, us, know what we have to do. Do you hear me, We the People?

Chris Hedges lawsuit might begin on the 29th of this month. Are the American people the enemy of the United States? If so, who is the United States? Is it the people who live in America, or is it the international corporate owners and bankers who seem to be acting against anyone worldwide to take what they can? So, what is Chris Hedges saying, who is he suing, and why?

If you don't know, you aren't paying attention.

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Suing that Scumbag Obama in Court?

Chris Hedges, a well known journalist who was formerly associated with the New York Times is suing Barack Obama and others in New York City over the passage of the NDAA, Military Detention Act.That story on [].

This video uploader's thoughts on this subject, expanded [found here].

Iran, the Iranian people, and the rest of the world is not the enemy of the US population. The enemy to all of us is unregulated, and too big, international corporations and banks. We the people of the United States of America should not have to pay taxes to be slaves of international corporations and banks and to pay for wars that we would not vote to wage.

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