Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Government Forced Medical Treatment & Pharmaceutical Cartels

It is unbelievable what the government, doctors, and the courts are up to in regards to YOUR medical treatment. You can be forced to get treatments you don't want. You can be healthy and be forced to take dangerous drugs that cause harm, cancer, or even death. WTF!

I am pitching Alex Jones to be part of his reporting team, I do so in [video here].


Text with below video:

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Journalist and author Jon Rappoport mans the Austin command center today, Tuesday, March 20. Rappoport has written about the globalist cartel, medical fraud, deep politics, and health issues. He is the author of several books, including: The Secret Behind Secret Societies : Liberation of the Planet in the 21st Century and Oklahoma City Bombing: The Suppressed Truth. Rappoport is presently vice-president of the publishing house Truth Seeker Company, Inc.

Aborted Babies Are Being Chopped Up And Sold To Researchers All Over America

With The Full Approval Of The Obama Administration
The American Dream
Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Did you know that aborted babies are being chopped up and sold to medical researchers all over America? There is a federal law which is supposed to ban this practice, but it contains a gigantic loophole that abortion clinics are using to sell huge amounts of aborted baby parts to the scientific community.

The loophole in the federal law allows "reasonable payments associated with the transportation, implantation, processing, preservation, quality control, or storage of human fetal tissue." But there are no guidelines as to what those "reasonable payments" should be and the Obama administration is not about to start prosecuting abortion clinics. So aborted baby parts from American babies will continue to be very quietly sold for profit to medical researchers and most Americans will never hear anything about it. But future generations will look back in horror at what we allowed to be done right under our noses.

Obama Approves Aborted Babies Sold to Medical Witch Doctors


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Taking Adverse Possession of Vacant Property

So much property of value is vacant. Many properties will just fall into the ground, become beyond repair, be water damaged, may burn down, and may have all of value stolen out of them. Having a caretaker takeover the property, care for it, live there, and make money from property has been part of English Common Law for more than 600 years. Most US state law is based on English Common Law.

It is beyond a shame that so much value is allowed to just rot away. We the people have tools to regain some of the wealth that has been stolen from us. We the people have the ability to get shelter, shelter we work for, and have legal right to.

If you want to be part of a network where we work toward success in adverse possessions, look out for each other, and continue to educate others, please email me.

My email: stevengerickson@yahoo.com

[The Steven G. Erickson mission]

Steven G. Erickson interviews Bob Hurt on the subject of Adverse Possession, and the law, March 17, 2012. Raw audio, 2 hours 11 minutes.

[General Benefits of Adverse Possession]

Letter to Realtor:
[Benefits of Adverse Possession]

[Click here] for two of the drawbacks involved in the Sovereign Citizens Movement


Bob Hurt of Tampa, Florida, Adverse Possession Links:


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· https://groups.google.com/group/lawmen/browse_thread/thread/e56a8c9aab051fe5/511b391d6760c119?hl=es&lnk=gst&q=kluger#511b391d6760c119

· https://groups.google.com/group/lawmen/browse_thread/thread/adc67394c8d66d8a/1e0d32fe3a0df16c?hl=es&lnk=gst&q=kluger#1e0d32fe3a0df16c


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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Is Leon Panetta afraid of being shot by his own US Troops?

The head of the Pentagon should be concerned. He is sending orders in from international corporations and bankers, to tell our US Troops what to do. If so, Panetta is committing treason. These "leaders" should be prosecuted if they are committing treason.

Marines Asked to Disarm Before Leon Panetta Speech; ‘Somebody Got Itchy’

March 14th, 2012


In a highly unusual move, around 200 U.S. Marines were asked to leave their weapons outside the tent where U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was set to speak during his trip to Afghanistan on Wednesday.

Although the military said the order was not given in response to Sunday’s shooting of 16 Afghan civilians allegedly by an American soldier, it possibly underlined how high tensions were running after the incident.

“You’ve got one of the most important people in the world in the room,” Major General Mark Gurganus told reporters at Camp Leatherneck, dismissing concerns related to the shooting. “This is not a big deal.”

He said he had given the order because the two dozen Afghan soldiers also there were unarmed and he did not want to treat them differently.

According to reporters at Camp Leatherneck, the Marines were waiting to hear Panetta’s speech when they were abruptly told by their commander to get up, leave their weapons, including M16 and M-4 automatic rifles and 9 mm pistols, outside and return unarmed.

“All I know is I was told to get the weapons out,” Sergeant Major Brandon Hall told The New York Times. Asked why, he replied, “Somebody got itchy, that’s all I’ve got to say. Somebody got itchy; we just adjust.”

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International Lying Corporate/Banker/CIA Owned Whore




Monday, March 12, 2012

Nebulous NDAA truthdig Chris Hedges

The NDAA is really about the international corporate and banking elite not trusting any policing and courts inside the US to hold the line. Yes, you the American police officer, the bankers say they can't trust you. YOU are going to camp with us. The US Military is under their control. So, even if these bankers have to hire North Korea to bring in their army into America, Americans will be under these bankers control. That is why we now have the NDAA. Obama is about the NDAA. Mittens Romney is about the NDAA. You, we, us, know what we have to do. Do you hear me, We the People?

Chris Hedges lawsuit might begin on the 29th of this month. Are the American people the enemy of the United States? If so, who is the United States? Is it the people who live in America, or is it the international corporate owners and bankers who seem to be acting against anyone worldwide to take what they can? So, what is Chris Hedges saying, who is he suing, and why?

If you don't know, you aren't paying attention.

-stevengerickson At Yahoo.com

1. Cloudy, misty, or hazy.
2. Lacking definite form or limits; vague: nebulous assurances of future cooperation.
3. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a nebula.

Suing that Scumbag Obama in Court?

Chris Hedges, a well known journalist who was formerly associated with the New York Times is suing Barack Obama and others in New York City over the passage of the NDAA, Military Detention Act.That story on [opednews.com].

This video uploader's thoughts on this subject, expanded [found here].

Iran, the Iranian people, and the rest of the world is not the enemy of the US population. The enemy to all of us is unregulated, and too big, international corporations and banks. We the people of the United States of America should not have to pay taxes to be slaves of international corporations and banks and to pay for wars that we would not vote to wage.

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Lawyers are Needed to Bribe Judges, Disadvantages of Pro Se


Actual Justice in a US Court Case?

The below, cut and pasted [from here]

Judge orders Quicken Loans to pay $2.7 million award in West Virginia fraud case

Quicken Loans Arena, home of the Cleveland Cavaliers, is one of the key marketing tie-ins for Quicken Loans founder Dan Gilbert. seng1011

By Michael Hudson
10:57 pm, February 22, 2011 Updated: 8:59 pm, June 25, 2011

A West Virginia judge has slapped online mortgage giant Quicken Loans Inc. with more than $2.7 million in punitive damages and legal costs after finding the lender had defrauded a borrower by misleading her about her loan and using an inflated property appraisal.

Ohio County (W.Va.) Circuit Judge Arthur Recht awarded the borrower just under $2.17 million in punitive damages. He also ordered that Quicken pay her attorneys nearly $600,000 in legal fees and costs. In a ruling last year, Recht had called Quicken’s conduct “unconscionable.”

James Bordas, one of the attorneys who represented the borrower, said he hoped the award would send a message to struggling homeowners that “big companies can’t just come in and cheat them.”

Dan Gilbert, Quicken’s founder and chairman, told the Center for Public Integrity that the judge’s fraud finding and damages award were “irrational and incomprehensible.”

“If there was any injustice here,” Gilbert said, “it’s the other way around.” Quicken, he said, was the victim in this case rather than the borrower.

Detroit-based Quicken, the nation’s largest online home lender and fifth largest retail mortgage lender, has come under fire in a variety of legal forums. A Center investigation published earlier this month detailed claims from borrowers and ex-employees who accuse the company of taking advantage of vulnerable homeowners and using bogus appraisals and other falsified information to push through bad deals.

Quicken denies the allegations.

“We always try to do the right thing,” Gilbert said in a telephone interview. “If we truly make an honest mistake, it usually doesn’t even get to court -- if we discover it, we make things right.”

In the West Virginia case, the judge last year found that Quicken had put 45-year-old Lourie Jefferson, a licensed practical nurse, into a complex mortgage product that would have required her to come up with a $107,000 “balloon payment” at the end of 30 years to finish paying off a loan of just under $145,000. Quicken misled Jefferson about the loan and used an appraisal that inflated the value of her home by nearly 300 percent, according to that decision.

The judge followed up that ruling last week with a Feb. 17 opinion ordering Quicken to pay punitive damages and legal fees in the case.

The company said there’s no evidence that Quicken colluded with the appraiser or “did anything usual or anything inconsistent with industry practice.” In court papers, Quicken described the problems with the loan as an “isolated incident” created by “mere excess of zeal by a poorly supervised, low level, former employee.”

In a separate written statement on Tuesday, Gilbert also said the mortgage had been a good deal for Jefferson because it reduced her interest rate and monthly payments and gave her more than $40,000 in cash.

In his statement, Gilbert said the company would “be appealing this wanton injustice and is independently conducting its own investigation as well as be requesting that federal authorities also investigate the shocking and incomprehensible circumstances surrounding this scheme carried out by an unknown amount of people in West Virginia.” In the phone interview, Gilbert said he could not elaborate on the scheme against Quicken.

In another case, now being tried in federal court in Detroit, a group of former Quicken employees seeking overtime pay claim that company executives managed by bullying and intimidation, in some instances pushing them to exaggerate borrowers’ incomes on loan applications and sell overpriced deals to desperate or unwary homeowners.

The company argues that its “mortgage consultants” don’t qualify for overtime pay because they provide expert financial advice to borrowers in much the same way that stock brokers advise investors. In an effort to rebut this argument, the ex-employees’ attorneys contend that the company’s loan consultants aren’t trained to provide advice, but rather to manipulate and mislead.

Michael Hudson is a staff writer at the Center for Public Integrity and author of THE MONSTER: How a Gang of Predatory Lenders and Wall Street Bankers Fleeced America – And Spawned a Global Crisis.

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Lawyers are Needed to Bribe Judges, Disadvantages of Pro Se



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Making a Scene

The below re-posted from the "Simple Justice" blog. It's a blog I check out once in a while. Check it out. [I cut and pasted the below from here]

The catch-line for the original television commercials was "I''ve fallen and I can't get up." Lots of people thought it was pretty funny, but at the same time realized that it reflected a deep concern, that older folks living on their own needed a way to summon help if something bad happened. Well, something bad happened to Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr.

From the New York Times:
Somehow the uncle, Kenneth Chamberlain Sr., a former Marine who had heart problems and wheezed if he walked more than 40 feet, triggered his Life Alert pendant. The Life Alert operator came on the loudspeaker in his one-bedroom apartment, asking: “Mr. Chamberlain, are you O.K.?” All of this is recorded.

Mr. Chamberlain didn’t respond. So the operator signaled for an ambulance. Police patrol cars fell in behind — standard operating procedure in towns across America. Except an hour later, even as Mr. Chamberlain insisted he was in good health, the police had snapped the locks on the apartment door.

The law recognizes two discrete functions served by the police. One is law enforcement, and the other is public safety. But just because the law sees them as distinct doesn't mean cops see them the same way. No matter what function they're supposed to fulfill, the First Rule of Policing still applies. So what if they're on the scene to help someone in distress?

They fired electric charges from Tasers, and beanbags from shotguns. Then they said they saw Mr. Chamberlain grab a knife, and an officer fired his handgun.

Boom! Boom! Mr. Chamberlain’s niece Tonyia Greenhill, who lives upstairs, recalls the echoes ricocheting about the hall. She pushed out a back door and ran into the darkness beneath overarching oaks. He lay on the floor near his kitchen, two bullet holes in his chest, blood pooling thick, dying.

Shockingly, the White Plains Public Safety Commissioner declared the shooting "warranted" because, well, they invoked the First Rule. Not that it wouldn't have been a good idea for the police to have remained calm and de-escalated the situation, calming an old man who might have been in some emotional distress. After all, they didn't know what was happening, which means they had to break into his room. Sure, he told them he was fine at the door, but the police can't trust the word of the person they're there to save.

Some may wonder how it's lawful for police to break into a person's home without a warrant or probable cause, but this is where the rules applicable to their public safety function differ from their law enforcement function. They were there to save Chamberlain. They were not there because anyone suspected him of having committed any crime, but to help. When cops are there to help, they can do whatever they need to do, including breaking and entering a person's home. After all, they're there to serve.

Regardless of whether the police are summoned by Life Alert or the bat signal, of course, the same rules of engagement still apply. After all, even ill people have to be absolutely compliant if they don't want the police to shift gears. The First Rule still applies. If it becomes a choice between the welfare and safety of a citizen and their own safety, the citizen always loses.

There will likely be more information to be had about what happened to Kenneth Chamberlain, as there were video cameras in addition to the Life Alert recording, on the whole time, which captured this prediction:

His son recalls hearing his father say on tape: “This is my sworn testimony. White Plains officers are coming in here to kill me.” A few minutes later, a bullet tore through his rib and heart.

The police tasers also had cameras. There are claims that he was taunted by police, and that a racial epithet was heard. An amorphous claim that he was "known" to police is thrown in for good measure, though there is nothing to suggest he had every done anything criminal. Plenty to consider, though its relevance isn't clear.

What is clear is that a man who may or may not have needed help at the outset is dead. What started out as the makings of a real life television commercial ended as an episode of cops. The question doesn't appear to be whether this could have been handled better, but whether the end result of a dead man whose Life Alert went off can be explained away sufficiently to rationalize his killing.

Expect words like "threatening, fear, belligerent," to be used to explain how reasonable the police were to shoot him. If it had been a drug bust, they would use "furtive gestures." If unsmoked marijuana was involved, you would hear the word "pungent." These are magic words that have long made stumbling blocks disappear. Cheap words are usually sufficient to explain a death when the killing is done by a cop. That's how the First Rule works. Remember, it only applies to police, so don't try it at home.

The scene when the police arrived was that an old man pressed his Life Alert button, and to which the White Plains police responded to help. By the end of the encounter, he had indeed fallen and he couldn't get up. That's because they put two bullets in his chest. That's a very different scene.

* * * *

I, Steven G. Erickson, expand on the ridiculousness of the police state, here:

My run in with the police state:

stevengerickson At yahoo.com


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CIA, Vietnam War, George H. W. Bush, and Torture

I posted the below text as comment in this Opednews.com article by Naomi Wolf, "America's Islamic blind spots"

The CIA was about torture and war crimes back in the Vietnam War, and probably before. [embedded video]

Danny Casolaro connected the dots between Ronald Reagan, George H. W. Bush, the CIA, the CIA distributing Promise Inslaw software from the 1980's to spy on all allies, and enemies, making the CIA the world government. The CIA was murdering citizens in the US at least from the time of Reagan. The CIA is the drug running world government financed by international corporate owners and bankers. [embedded video about Danny, scroll down]

We need to have spies like the CIA, except they should have civilian oversight, civilian control, and they should not operate inside our borders. The NYPD is now integrated with CIA getting billions in US taxpayer funds. When the NYPD and CIA were illegally spying in NJ and NJ Police and FBI showed up to arrest the NYPD and CIA, who really can arrest whom? [story]

Obamas' mother's ability to get around other countries in CIA embedded areas says what about Obama? Was a Geitner relative involved somehow with Obama's mother? If so, what is the other Geitner now up to in association with Barack? No CIA should run any government.

-stevengerickson At yahoo.com

It is weird how permeated the CIA really is the US. Hard drugs such as cocaine and heroin would not be so powerful, cheap, and plentiful if not for the CIA. The CIA in 1950's South America that farmers who owned large tracks of lands and owners of large food processing plants could be illegally confined, tortured, and assassinated just for owning property, buildings, and business that international corporate owners and bankers wanted to steal. The CIA has been roosting right here, home in the US, for quite a while.

When I went to Stafford Springs, Connecticut, State Senator Anthony "Tony" Guglielmo about wanting State Police to do something about prostitutes, drug dealers, vandals, and organized crime that the police had a business relationship with, I didn't know I was talking to someone tight with the CIA.

Guglielmo owns an insurance agency in Stafford Springs. He has, or had, a picture of him smiling, hanging out with George H. W. Bush, a former head of the CIA. Tony hang out and travels with former high ranking CIA man and US Congressman, Rob Simmons.

A former alleged Mossad high ranking officer and former Israeli army man married to an FBI agent owned the bar across the street from Tony's office. "Rich the Fixer", the owner of the bar, is alleged Jewish Mafia. Drug dealers could sit near where each had their offices and block traffic, selling heroin and cocaine. The Stafford Springs, Connecticut State Police substation, was with in eyeball range to see drugs being openly sold.

I was put in prison for complaining about this.

What type of crap are we the people putting up with? We are paying taxes for THIS?

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The Bush family investments and the Nazis:


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The New World Order, a KKK-type world organization now includes Jews and Catholics


[update post, March 5, 2012, on the Globalist Corporate Owners and Bankers aka The New World Order]

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I just typed this in Vermont US Congressperson Peter Welch's webmail form:

I got your email on fighting corporate personhood. It is a start. The CIA was in South America in the 1950's to confine, torture, and kill owners of large amounts of land and those who owned food processing plants and other industry. The CIA did the dirty deeds for international corporate owners and bankers. If the NJ Police and the FBI go to arrest NYPD and CIA for illegally spying in NJ, who can arrest whom? Should the CIA be conducting illegal ops in the US? Should there be illegal armed military patrolling in US. Should the TSA and DHS be abolished? I am posting this letters and links to what I would like you to take a look at and call me. I would be interested in posting an audio interview with you on the subject of corporate personhood and posting it on opednews.com. Please let me know your thought on that, and on this: http://thegetjusticecoalition.blogspot.com/2012/03/x.html

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson
PO Box Eight Seven Four
Brattleboro, VT 05302

stevengerickson AT yahoo.com


Steven G. Erickson, formerly residing in the Ellington, Somers, Somersville, Enfield, and Stafford Springs areas of Connecticut

The poor excuse that passes for legal representation in the US:


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Paul Craig Roberts on Obama

I just listened to Paul Craig Roberts being interviewed by Aaron Dykes, recorded yesterday.

[1st 10 min clip]

[2nd 10 min clip]

Text with videos:

Uploaded by on Mar 1, 2012

The US is famous for going to other countries with goals ranging from retaliation to installing democracy to stopping a civil war. And quite often the US government and the military alike are surprised at what they find: that people in those countries don't want them there and, in many cases, will risk or sacrifice their lives to make sure they leave.

We're seeing a new low point in America's longest war, unfolding as we speak - riots in Afghanistan, as citizens there protest the burning of Korans by US military personnel at Bagram airbase. Some American soldiers have been killed and many more Afghan citizens are dying as well. And there's beginning to be a sense that the battle to win the hearts and minds there is simply impossible.

Paul Craig Roberts, former official with the Reagan administration, speaks to Aaron Dykes about what happens if things don't change dramatically.

Paul Craig Robert's [website]

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[my videos uploaded to LiveLeak.com]

My other blogs:




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Warning: I am not nice and do not use flowery language in post available through link below.

Should elected officials like Eliot Spitzer be doing what he wants, illegal or not? Should Spitzer pay for prostitutes, an alleged $6500 for one session while "working", paid with taxpayers dollars? Should the mainstream media, like CNN, be paying "hosts" like Eliot Spitzer, to spew international corporate owner/bankster propaganda? Should we boycott media that puts hosts on with credibility and morality of Spitzer? I expand on this theme [in this post]

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I was an Enemy Combatant, Pre-9/11