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Slaves aren't allowed any privacy, right slave?

No Perceived Privacy Rights in US?

I found the above picture [here] on the web. In the 1800's telegraph lines could be tapped into. If you can't see all the wires from a point to another point, there is no absolute privacy. If you send any signal over air, point to point, your transmissions can be compromised. The US Government has been caught using cut outs tapping into every phone conversation, land line and cell, and capturing all internet traffic. So, it doesn't matter if you have passwords, encryption, or take precautions. All of your electronic communications are being jacked. Can you trust the people who have 24/7 control of your money, your family, your property, your children, and can pinpoint your exact location in keystrokes of elapsed time?

White Male Connecticut State Police Troopers would spy on men they perceived as being competition for the better looking girls and women in a town, married, exclusively dating, single, or even prostitutes. A man could lose his business, property, job, and be railroaded to prison if he was in the way of officers pursuing women for sex. These are the men who are spying on your teenage daughter, your girlfriend, your mother, your sister, or wife. These are the creeps who pour over posts on facebook, listening to her calls, and who want to grope her and see her naked at airports.

Town Hall operatives look at what can be stolen from citizens using unsavory characters in behalf of those who run insurance companies, corporations, are organized criminals, or even are bankers located offshore. People who have an interest in taking away your rights, your freedom, breaking up your family, and have been ripping you off since birth might not have any more use for you once everything that can be stolen, is stolen.

I was asked to be a police informant to set up self-employed people, small business owners, gun owners, and those perceived as potential leaders of resistance for arrests, fine, property and asset confiscation, and for prison before 9/11. Police knew there was coming civil unrest and that an event would come to give them unimagined power. I thought it sleazy and illegal to break laws for police, so I refused. These "police" then toasted me. They used a married woman who is a police informant to set me up. She took a liking to me and confessed that she was offered money to set me up for a false arrest and police beating where I would be charged with felonies to put me in prison for 5 to 15 years. She then told me that I could continue dating her or I would lose my daughter, property, contracting business, and go to prison. I broke up with her finding out she was married and had tried to set me up for prison. Then Connecticut State Police followed me around and terrorized me until I ended up in prison for resisting being beaten up by a police informant sent to attack me on my property.

How does this help taxpayers if tax money is used to take taxpayers offline to no longer pay taxes and consume goods. Doesn't it ruin the economy to put people out of jobs, out of homes, and out of intact families?

My emails were read by police and my phones tapped illegally by police before 9/11. They would mock the content of my emails and phone calls. When I was married, an overweight police officer who lived with his mother came to my house bounced me off my siding, said my wife didn't deserve me, and told me he'd arrest me. He got two morons to make false statements so he could arrest me.

You have no privacy, you don't own anything, and some international banker or corporation owner can decide if you are allowed to live, have a job, have a place to live, if you are allowed to reproduce, or whether you can be scooped up off the street and tortured.

From irregularities in my emails being sent and received, and other tip offs, I know that I have gotten someone's attention. It is not good attention, because last time, I lost everything, and even lost my cloths, handed a prison jumpsuit to wear in a Connecticut jail.

The thing is now, if you are reading this, you realize that you can be next at anytime. Either support other citizens' rights to live free, or hang separately with those who just sit by and wait for the knock on their door, or to just have their door kicked in.

Too few people are willing to state the facts as they see them and act. If only one in a hundred thousand stands up to tyrants, then you all will be slaves. I will rest in pieces.

Who do you blame first? I would blame lawyers, all of them, and the judges who sit on benches. If they did not swear secret oaths to each other, and took their oaths to uphold and protect the US Constitution seriously, we would not now be in this mess. Act.

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Homeland Security

If you want to renew or get a driver's license you need to have Homeland Security, DHS permission. If you want to get a job, you have to have Homeland Security, DHS permission. If you want to continue breathing, you will need Homeland Security, DHS permission.

I recall that Connecticut State Police officers were putting in for overtime to get paid Homeland Security pay for hours they didn't work. These officers when caught allegedly didn't have to pay back money they are stealing from taxpayers and were not criminally charged for fraud and theft. What does that say about Homeland Security? It sounds more like police officers' licenses to rip you off, rape you, torture you, beat you, confine you without hearings, and kill you if you complain.

I resisted being mugged on my property. So now I have a criminal record and most jobs are not possible. I have trouble getting ANY place to live. A police informant was encouraged to attack me so I'd get prison. Am I supposed to love a country where guards in prison kick my ankles with their boots and I supposed to bend over, so they can look up my anal cavity and then move my testicles side to side in any hallway when there are other prisoners, and even female guards walking by? I did nothing wrong. The police state stole my house, kicked me out of my job, broke up my family and lied me to prison. Terrorists wear badges. Lawyers are liars who made it possible.

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Did the a former Connecticut Judge and Connecticut State Police Commissioner run a whorehouse in Connecticut? I ask him here:

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Hartford Courant Comment in forum written by former Police Commish Spada:

Former Rockville Connecticut Judge and former Connecticut State Police Commissioner Arthur L. Spada


If you want to understand why we need to End the Fed, The Federal Reserve, a private bank, check out the video embedded in this post:

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I heard the below lawyer speak on Constitutional issues being interviewed on the Alex Jones show. He is someone I might like to talk to.

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