Sunday, February 19, 2012

Police Surveillance for walking in a Park?

There were almost no people out during the day in Lawrence, Massachusetts, February 18, 2012. The above black car, appeared to be a police cruiser. The 50 year old plus, overweight, graying man shadowed me and got out of his car to observe my every move. I was just walking in the park, and decided to start snapping pictures. I have been looking for a setting for a fictional independent movie on the US growing Police State.

Click on photos to make bigger.

Look, the park is just about empty during the day, except for me and a cop.

Looks, pretty tame, but look underneath. The homeless must occupy this place at night. Look at all the beer bottles, burned furniture, bedding, and even makeshift bedrooms in below photos.

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The less than 1% has ripped off the more than 99%. We could all end up living like this, or being offed by the less than 1% if we don't decide to fight back.

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