Thursday, February 16, 2012

Hospital Workers Prepping Children for Official Kidnapping?

Pretty much everything that is wrong with American Courts, Policing, and Government can be summed up in the below audio interview.

I believe that the US Government is more than partially responsible for the heroin and cocaine abuse problem in the US. The laws seem more dangerous than the drugs.

The system is set up to rip off property, cash, assets, and to break up families and for stealing children. International corporate owners and bankers run the US Government, the Courts, and Policing from inside, and outside, US borders. So, if the system is corrupted, it is corrupt.

State workers lie to keep their jobs, to get promoted, and to enrich themselves, their families, and each other. DCF, or DYCF, workers are no different.

Judges are a rubber stamp of approval on public corruption, judicial misconduct, and police brutality. State Attorney Generals are supposed to take complaints from citizens who are officially violated by the state at the same time they are supposed to defend the state against lawsuits. Can you say, "Major conflict of interest"?

Look at the State of Connecticut, New Hampshire, Georgia, Florida, and other states for an overwhelming number of victims.

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DCF/DCYF Kidnapping Scam

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Steven G. Erickson interviews Dot Knightly of Nashua, New Hampshire by phone February 16, 2012. Grandparents often suffer because of an out of control judicial system. Family Court is about abuse, breaking up families, and profit for lawyers and other scammers.

We the people need Grand Juries, not tyrannical judges. New Hampshire, Florida, Connecticut, and so many other states are about abuse, not serving taxpayers. It is time to fight back.

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