Thursday, January 26, 2012

Effort to remove NDAA/Internet Censorship supporter Joe Lieberman

Text sent to these below State of Connecticut Judiciary Committee legislators:,,

Subject: legislative request to recall Joe Lieberman

To whom it may concern:
is there a process through the State of Connecticut, that I can start a recall, removal procedure of Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman? Do I need to go door to door to get signatures on a petition? I am trying to get attention to how bad the NDAA Military Detention, SOPA, PIPA, and internet censorship legislative pushers are in the US. I am getting attention on this issue for having urinated on Joe Lieberman's likeness, uploading the video, and posting it on a blog. Word search my name and look for yesterdays posting.

Please advise on how I may continue.

Thank you,
Steven G. Erickson

stevengerickson At yahoo Dot com

Video embedded of me urinating on Joe Lieberman's likeness found here:

* * * *

I sent a link to this post to these recipients by email:,,

Direct link to video of me peeing on printed picture of Connecticut US Senator Joe Lieberman:

I typed the below text in Vermont US Senator Patrick Leahy's web email form on his official site:

I am protesting the signing of the NDAA Military Detention Act and any internet censorship by starting a protest of urinating on any official's picture who supports either and posting it as video, I started with Joe Lieberman: and will be asking citizens nationwide to remove any official with a recall, vote, or petition. Please reconsider your stance and represent the will of the people and not to continue pandering to international corporations and banks who want America under their armed occupation.

* * * *

[click here] for:

Remove Dirtbag Massachusetts US Senator Scott Brown

Will Massachusetts residents urinate on Scott Brown's pictures and upload the video to be viewed online? Are Americans fed up with the NDAA, Military Detention, Torture, and the push for internet censorship? Well, piss on Scott Brown.

Picture of what Scott Brown was up to before taking over Ted Kennedy's Massachusetts US Senate seat [found here]


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How Chris Kennedy ended up on the Connecticut Secret State Police, arrest on sight, Enemies List:
(My phone number and address have changed from the date of that posting)

How Steven G. Erickson moved up on the list and is probably a target of TSA and DHS Homeland Security:

Have an independent mind, alternative authors and sites:

Some Connecticut State Police goons, the State of Connecticut is famous for its misconduct and brutality directed against average citizens, the poor, and the outspoken:

[click here] for:

Target on Enemies List



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