Sunday, January 8, 2012

Connecticut should be removed as US State

I placed the below text as a comment in an article about Joe Lieberman wanting to expatriate any American who exercises free speech against the international corporations and banksters using US Troops to wage war worldwide. [That article]

Scumbag Lieberman being a US Senator in Connecticut says that state should be removed from the union. Lieberman then can expatriate any citizen out of the the Republik of Korruptikut who he wants. Joe Lieberman is a traitor, he is the worst excuse for someone who claims to be an American, ever, and he should be expatriated out of a free United States.

If Lieberman is ever convicted of being a spy, a traitor, or a war criminal committing despicable acts against humanity, I would volunteer my services in helping carry out his sentence. I contacted Lieberman's office about police brutality and public corruption. It seems that is something that he is out to protect and serve. My sister had the displeasure, in my opinion, of having to fly with him first class. Lieberman is the scum of the earth. He should not be making laws for any law abiding, tax paying, good Americans. That scumbag should rot in prison, or worse. Let's see that we are represented for our taxation, not sodomized for the privilege of paying taxes.

-stevengerickson At yahoo Dot Com

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