Saturday, January 28, 2012

CIA necessary, but needs oversight

Making the police into international spy organizations is just plain wrong. There needs to be oversight over any power, or they just take what they want and then government grows beyond the people's ability to support it.

Word search, "The United Fruit Company". The CIA in South America, allegedly tortured and killed large land owners and food processing plant owners so corporations could take over. Leaders of countries were covertly overthrown. Mouthy workers who didn't want to be slaves were tortured then assassinated.

Police, the CIA, FBI, the TSA, and Homeland Security White Males may feel they can spy on, and then force sex on any women they target. They have that power. Anyone's property or car is not theirs. Anything can be taken from anyone now. That is the power of the NDAA. If you don't like it, your citizenship can be revoked, you can be kidnapped, tortured, and then murdered, you merely have to have your name placed on an enemies list, no reason.

I was put in prison for being a landlord, home owner, taxpayer, contractor, raising a family. Police used prostitutes, vandals, thieves, a psychopath, police informant, drug dealers and other vermin to terrorize me then railroad me to prison pre-9/11. My daughter and most of my family won't speak to me since prison. This is your country too. And you may be next.

-stevengerickson AT yahoo Dot Com

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The below comment was put in [this Paul Craig Roberts' article]:

Ron Paul

I would drop everything and campaign for Ron Paul all of my waking hours, 7 days a week until the election if I could also keep fed, keep warm, and keep gas in my modest ride.

I hate to put faith in any politician. So many had faith in Obama and he lied to them all and let them down. I don't see Ron Paul doing that.

We need to end these wars and stop the rights grabbing and thuggery which is the new US Government. We need to change the clock back before 9/11 legislatively. Ron Paul might be the only hope of this country continuing as intended by the founders. We need to recall poor excuses for humanity, like Joe Lieberman. I am conflicted on what I did, but I did urinate on his picture and upload the video to the internet. I am that upset at his support for the NDAA, stripping US citizenship of those who disagree with him, torture, official government terrorizing of the people, and internet censorship. We not only need to elect the right officials we need to be able to recall the bad ones at will, stamping 'You're fired" on their paperwork.

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I left this comment in a [Thom Hartmann article]:

Free Speech can be bigger offense than Rape

Write letters to the editor critical of police and the courts in the Stafford Springs, Connecticut, area pre-9/11 get railroaded to prison before a real criminal, a rapist of a 3 year old and serious criminals get passed over, but not the one complaining to elected officials proposing legislation like civilian oversight of police. I did. I got toasted.

It has been almost 10 years since my only daughter has talked to me. I may never see my grandchildren because a police informant jumped me in my driveway, tried to do me with a knife, and I got him with pepper spray. I got a year in prison for this offense, the felon attacker who threatened my life, stalked and terrorized me, telling my tenants he'd kill me when he caught up to me, was considered my victim in court.

Thom, I follow you on the RT America live feed. I was in the former USSR shortly after the fall. The lead up to the fall is similar here in America. When Free Speech and journalism gets more of the law enforcement's attention, you know things are getting worse. When special officers can rape women, grope people, and do whatever evil they care to, to children, you know a nation is in dire straits. Since when is torture okay anywhere. Isn't the US supposed to be the human rights protector, not abuser? No US military person can now say they are protecting American's Rights when they have now been sourced to abuse them and militarily occupy the US as a war zone. It is time for even the slowest witted Americans to wake up, we're all needed for this one.

-stevengerickson At yahoo Dot Com


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What type of crap is George H. W. Bush asking Obama to pull?

Obama would not just meet with George H. W. Bush and Jeb Bush in an unscheduled meeting to socialize. Shit is up. The CIA Grand Klan Master wanted to put the world elite's orders directly in Obama's ear, not over any electronic conveyance, probably no tongue intended, or maybe there was. Just my opinion, they are all a bunch of sick fucks to be doing what they are doing, and lying so frequently. We are ants to them, expect them to treat us as such.


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The Prison Industrial Complex

Corporations get tax dollars to build, supply, and man these facilities. Politicians get bribes and freebies. You pay taxes to possibly be stripped of your family, your home, your job, to be railroaded to prison. I was.

National Actions Target Private Prison Investors

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Jan 26, 2012

Demonstrators call upon Wells Fargo and others to divest from for-profit prison corporations like the Geo Group

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Check the bottom of the above link. I, Steven G. Erickson, ask our help in fighting the NDAA Military Detention, Torture of US Citizens after their citizenship is stripped. It is time to elect a politician who'll end the Fed, torture, the endless wars of occupation, and who will restore the US Constitution. I wish to make inspiring videos of better quality, and mobilize others. Will you help in the fight? Please click above link, check it out, and then look for my message at bottom of post.


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