Saturday, November 26, 2011

US positioning to War with Syria?

Text with video:
Nuke carrier leads U.S. strike force into Syria waters

It's thought the U.S. has redeployed its newest aircraft carrier from the Persian Gulf to the Syrian coast. Washington is also urging American citizens to leave Syria immediately. Patrick Henningsen, a political analyst says we are seeing initial steps of a repeat of what we saw in Libya. 11/25/11

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Why I am angry with US Government, policing, courts, and offshore corporate owners/banksters ripping everyone off as posted as a comment in this Rob Kall article:

This is a sensitive subject for me. I used to own 3 rental properties and had a contracting business built over 2 decades and had family, my own home, credit, retirement, health insurance, a good reputation, no criminal record, friends, and traveled internationally. A police informant, also a mugger and a felon, threatened my life for 2 weeks, stalked me, and then attacked me on my Stafford Springs, Connecticut property telling me he'd cut my penis off if I didn't hand over my wallet. I pepper sprayed him.

Self-defense isn't legal in Connecticut. The mugger, a felon, was giving immunity for the felonies he committed stalking me, threatening my life, assaulting me, and trying to rob me. I got a year in prison and had to pay the mugger restitution. I lost everything. I tried to contact family before, and during Thanksgiving, and heard from no one. My daughter disowned me after I went to prison. I don't hear "Daddy" or "I love you" anymore.

So, the officers who actually committed a crime using pepper spray should be punished.

-stevengerickson At yahoo Dot Com


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