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How Android Type Cell Phones put you in Danger

Should you be concerned about using and carrying your cell phone?

Arnold "Terminator Movie" Android image [found here]

I was listening to an NPR broadcast on VPR, Vermont Public Radio, about a week ago. The subject was Android phones. The GPS location feature is always on. The phone has an embedded video camera and microphone. There was even talk of OnStar being abused by officials, and others, for tracking, domestic spying, and for eavesdropping on private conversations you might be having inside your vehicle. If Android phones all bunching up, still, can be used to monitor real time traffic patterns, then re-route drivers with smart phones around the jam, the technology has off the charts beneficial, and probably even more malignant, applications. Be aware.

Everyone who I know who has made a police misconduct complaint, made a judicial misconduct complaint, or has talked to elected officials about police brutality, court reform, and/or has proposed Civilian Oversight of Police, has met with bad luck. The bad luck occurred at the hands of police informants being used to police to terrorize, beat up, set up, and even being paid cash by police to kill targets. Getting in the way of police colluding with heroin and cocaine dealers, prostitutes, and other criminals can put the honest, taxpaying, home owning, family raising citizen on a police target list.

OWS has the potential to become a worldwide revolution to throw off the chains put on us by our offshore corporate owners and banksters who puppeteer the US Military and US Government. Police work for them, not for us. Courts are to protect government policy, government officials, run interference for officials involved in public corruption, for corporate abuse of the public, and for revenue collection, property confiscation, and to further destroy the family to weaken the opposition. The self-employed, independent minds, small and medium business, the small farmer, the independent bloggers and journalists, are all enemies of our corporate owners.

The Android type phones are coming from them, our corporate owners as best described by George Carlin. George Carlin describes corporations and their criminal friends on Wall St. in video link.

Being a divorced father meeting with others to propose court reform and to prevent police from telling us we weren't allowed at school functions, and we didn't want police interfering with our current romantic relationships, treating us like we are criminals just for being non-custodial parents. We were followed around, threatened, set up, and falsely arrested. Some of us got prison based on false arrests, false statements, perjury of officers, and going through the rigged court system. Knowing what we say, who we say it to, and where we are 24/7, makes it easy for police to use their police informants most effectively.

The now world wide Occupy Wall St. Movement probably has put the KGB-like American policing system in overdrive.

If I can be followed around by police officers in 2 cruisers 24/7, threatened with being murdered by police, mocked by police with the exact text of private emails and words I used in private phone calls, we are paying to be spied on, terrorized, enslaved, ripped off, imprisoned, and even to be murdered by the state. I was told I was a target for property and business loss, loss of my daughter, and prison because I was a mouthy landlord/contractor. So, if 5 or 6 figures of your tax dollars can be used to ruin one person and then pay for him, or her, to rot in prison because of their chosen profession, unlimited tax dollars can be used to squash, subvert, and ruin the OWS movement. As the movement is a greater threat to their organized criminal empire, more than I ever was, or can be.

The Tea Party Movement lost all sorts of steam when it was hijacked by nutcases like Sarah Palin, and the organized criminals in the Republican Party. Democrats have similar criminals in their party. They act for offshore corporate owners and banksters, not you.

Less planning should be done on the computer. Less planning should be done over phone lines or over the cell phone radio. Meetings should be electronics free. All participants should be vetted. Giving up your cell phone should be considered if you are a target of officials for what you own, what you say, or if one of them wants to put you out of the picture to try to take possession of your significant other.

I haven't been pulled over randomly by police, threatened with arrest, having done nothing, where the officer says he has to call the Connecticut State Police, where I tell officers that I am just trying to survive, work and am going back to Vermont. I don't know if Massachusetts State Police have plate scanners or used GPS tracking to target users of cell phones. But borrowing vehicles to go to political events and not caring a cell phone has really reduced my daily stress level.

I am a target on the Connecticut State Police Secret Enemies Arrest on Sight List for having complained about this.

The PBS Documentary about the 1700 secret police/military bases inside America should alarm all citizens.

I've contacted Vermont US Senators Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy, this is their answer. So, if you are being spied on, terrorized by police, or falsely arrested and imprisoned for testing the validity of the First Amendment, elected officials don't seem to care. They are unwilling to interfere with other branches of government.

A Vermont State Police Officer beat on my apartment door in Putney, Vermont. He beat on it, and beat on it, looking like he was very angry. He made me look like a criminal to my neighbors and that I was a dirtbag being sought on criminal charges. I called Troop D, Vermont State Police, and asked if I was wanted for anything, or if they had questions for me. I got a "no" several times. A New Hampshire State Police Officer called my father in another state and asked him what my girlfriend's name was, where she lived, what she drove, license plate numbers, and a description of her car and of her, if he knew it, and to get it if he didn't. I contacted the officer in New Hampshire and I, or anyone may, or may not be romantically involved with, was not a target of any criminal investigation for an arrest.

Police aren't for protecting and serving you. They are for protecting and serving the state at your taxpayer expense. If retaliating against you, terrorizing you for state interests/purposes is their job, they do it. Don't call an armed revenue collector for anything, I don't.

Having given up my cell phone 2 years ago means police aren't showing up when I am out enjoying myself or going home to bed after a long day of work.

[This] is what police use of informants looks like.

If I can't tell my own father if I am dating, who I am dating, where I work, or even the state I live in, do you think you should be giving up all that information willingly if you are likewise upset with our current goon government, policing, and courts? Be aware my friend.

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