Saturday, November 19, 2011

For the Naysayers

Brendan Watts after being beaten by NYPD. Occupy Wall St. story and photo in Chaz Valenza article [found here].

I offer naysayers video, text, and a little insight [here] [and here]

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OWS occupies subways

Text with video:

Uploaded by on Nov 17, 2011

Thousands of activists have revamped the Occupy Wall Street movement nationwide. Today is being called the "national day of action." This is in response to police crackdowns that have been taking place the past week to try to diminish the movement. The protesters are planning on occupying 16 subway stations all around New York City. There have already been reports of policy brutality against the peaceful protesters and RT's Marina Portnaya gives us the latest from Manhattan.

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[more RT America video]


My comment to [this Stephen Lendman article on the OWS movement being too big to fail]:

I bought rental properties and fixed them up from a boarded up condition over 10 years ago. I had built up a contracting business over 2 decades. I owned a home, paid taxes, was raising a family and contributed to society. I consumed goods with my large income. Police in Stafford Springs, Connecticut, were so alarmed with my activities that they used police informants, prostitutes, vandals, heroin and crack cocaine dealers, and other criminals parasites to terrorize me and set me up for false arrest and to be held as a political prisoner.

If unofficial policy is to use non-productive citizens to take out productive citizens contributing to the system, do the math. It has to fail. This is the system, the American Police State system in a nutshell.

The most productive citizens are being taught to hate the American Government by being aware of the truth, considering living outside the prison camp, America. So, I'm OWS on the street too, too pissed off to fail.

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In America, you can be subject to 30 years in prison, or even being secretly officially murdered by police, for making a police misconduct complaint or trying to remove a sociopath judge like State of Connecticut Judge Jonathan J. Kaplan. For filing a legitimate judicial misconduct complaint against a judge, State Police may come to your house and confiscate your firearms. [Example of just one victim]


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